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( Jun. 8th, 2009 09:51 am)
Still somewhat low on spoons, so my posting is limited.

Good weekend! The Rat watched over tLD while I went to jujitsu and karate class ( Karate was first, and it's warm in the studio now that it's June. So, by the time jujitsu rolled around, the uniform was sticky. Highly sticky. And then the instructor decided it would be an all wrestling class. I stuck to the floor; I stuck to my partner; I stuck to myself. And sensai is saying things like "Track! Flow! Smooth transitions" while I'm thinking "How the hell can I flow when I'm glued in place by sweaty canvas?") and then I took the Bitling to the zoo afterward.

Parakeets! The zoo has a new parakeet enclosure where you can go in, buy a seedstick and then go feed parakeets. They'll land on your stick and nibble seeds until they're gone. It's really really cool, and I say this as someone who didn't used to like birds.

Sunday was the "Little Pirate Mermaid" puppet show which had a somewhat corny script, but an utterly astounding set. (Seriously corny. The evil pirates become good and helpful pirates that give lost starfish directions, clean trash off of desert islands, and sing Kum-ba-Arrrr! Really.) The kids loved it, so definite win there.

We finished off the weekend with a good solid sparring session followed by pizza and light goobing. Must spar more so as to stay ahead of the curve.

I also managed, with help, to answer questions to several things that had been bugging me, and I mowed the yard. Huzzah!
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( Apr. 14th, 2008 01:52 pm)
Friday evening was at least somewhat calm. I left work early to get some shopping done and then headed home. I had some fun play-time with the kiddos and then spent the evening being somewhat crafty and productive.

Saturday was a whirlwind of busy. I dithered for a while over what to wear before bowing to the Weather Lords who had decreed via rain and cold that jeans were to be the outfit of the day. Once dressed, we packed up the Bit and took her to see Aladdin at a local playhouse along with [ profile] twelveoaks and her two children. The play was fun, and it clearly made an impression on TLD as she's been chattering about it ever since. Given the $6.00 tickets and a happy toddler, we'll probably go back to their next play if we get the chance.

Then there was the wedding which was a great deal of fun. It's always a blast watching tLD run around with all of the other LARP children.

Sunday morning was the zoo which was fun although too damned cold, and then gaming until way way too late last night. (Side note to [ profile] dorasi and [ profile] kingfrog: we didn't die; the bad guy got away; we're getting good loot and going after him.)

That'll do for the brief update. Maybe more later when things settle down.
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( Feb. 18th, 2008 09:52 am)
It was a really good weekend. Gaming on Saturday was a great deal of fun, and no one died. Huzzah.

On Sunday, we took the Bit and Kit to the Zoo in the morning so they could run off their energy before we tested out the symphony. They had a blast at the zoo. The Bit declared that she wanted to see the snakes and the crocodile, so we hit the reptile house for a while. We also saw (and heard) the lion -- "Kit? If you climb over the fence, the lion will eat you." "Don't want him to eat me!" "Then don't climb over the fence." "Oh." -- and just generally had fun.

Afterwards, we took the girls to their first symphony. The ASO does family-friendly concerts every so often, and this round was Peter and the Wolf. The girls did great. Both of them really liked it, and if they were a little rambunctious, they were just as well behaved as the rest of the audience. (We do need to find a quieter way for the Bit to ask questions.) The movie for Peter and the Wolf wasn't the standard Disney version; it was a stop-motion movie set in a somewhat dark modern Russia. The folks who greeted us were very concerned that we understood that it wasn't the Disney version and that the duck gets eaten. They were afraid the kiddos would be traumatized by this.

The children were utterly unconcerned by the eating of the duck. tLD was much more worried about the wolf being put into the cage, and making sure it got out again. Both girls seemed to like the movie, and they both adored the Rimsky-Korsakov piece at the beginning.

We then came home, had thai food, put the Bit to bed early, and collapsed. Good weekend. Huzzah.
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( Aug. 14th, 2007 02:04 pm)
Over the weekend, [ profile] touchstone's parents were in town. I like his folks, but we way overdid the activities while they were here. We hit the zoo on Saturday morning, Serenbe for dinner, had brunch on Sunday and then did the Aquarium on Sunday afternoon. By the time they left, I wanted to crawl into my closet and hide.

Details. )

As a last note, sometimes my mother's old-south, rural-Mississippi, pre-integration roots betray her. It's rare, but it always makes me twitch when it happens.
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( May. 7th, 2007 09:42 am)
All in all, it was a delightful weekend. We gamed on Saturday and then spend Sunday in family mode.

AU )

Zoo )
Coon-Kit Party )
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