Perhaps you got confused. This is Georgia. We're a state somewhere in the Southern United States - one of the lower ones. We don't get snow 'round here very often. It's rare to see it more than once a year, and any accumulation of more than an inch is cause for grave concern.

And yet, we have already had two snowstorms this year. The first was lovely, coming as it did on Christmas and giving us a pretty white landscape to look at when few people wished to be out and about. It left the roadways fairly clear, and melted on schedule. The second was less fun. 5 inches of snow is more than generous, and when you then coat it with a half-inch of ice, it is really too much. You shut down the city for a week and nearly drove parents insane. I would have thought that would have done it for you.

But no. Looking in my forecast, I see not one, but two possible days in the near future when snow is predicted. Look, this must stop. Take the snow to Georgia the country where it belongs (at least in the mountains, I'm told) and leave us poor folks alone. At the very least, please dump it somewhere that has snowplows because we don't, and we never have.

Boom shanka,
The cold. I am done with it. I spent my four years in Minnesota. I know how to cope with the cold. I also know that I Just Don't Like It. I don't want to have to put on three layers to stay warm; I don't want to have to wear a giant parka while driving in my car. I don't like wearing gloves to pump gas, and I hate the static electric build-up that I get when I have to wear hats and scarves.

I don't like cold. Can I request spring now? Or at least a return to normal temperatures?


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