Good weekend. Busy, but good. We're attempting to be more regular attendees at our local Unitarian church; this makes the third Sunday in a row that we've managed to get out of the house and be at church on time. It won't always be this consistent, but we're trying to establish the routine while we can.

Also spent a decent amount of time doing other productive stuff. I have a new, working keyboard that is much kinder to my hands. The job search continues -- albeit more slowly than I would like. Anyone know of any QA or Business Analyst positions in the Atlanta area?

And of course, I made a menu plan:
Monday: Duck in Dark Sauce, couscous, aparagus, salad
Tuesday: Stir Fry
Wednesday: Tuniscan Vegetable Stew
Thursday: BBQ Chicken, Butternut Squash, Broccoli, Rice
Friday: Boiled Shrimp, Brussel Sprouts, Salad, Quinoa
Saturday/Sunday: Quesadillas at some point
Monday: Curried Rabbit/Turkey, Cabbage&Onions, Acorn Squash
Tuesday:Wild Duck Soup, Salad, cauliflower w/ scallions
Wednesday: Cajun Skillet Beans
Thursday: At Casa Diaz
Friday: Couscous Paella

Duck -- and I know this; everyone knows this -- has an astounding amount of fat. I stripped off most of the skin (not needed given the recipe) and made an attempt at rendering it into duck grease. From two (fairly small) ducks, I came away with nearly 4 cups of fat. Four CUPS.

So, last night I cooked the ducks, chopped all of the veggies for the stir fry and the Vegetable stew, sliced the meat for the stir fry and prepped a marinade in which I'll put the meat tomorrow morning. I also cooked some artichokes and spaghetti squash just to have on hand if I need/want them.

The menu for the past two weeks was perfectly fine if not exciting. Touchstone's white-bean hummus was awesome and will go onto the LARP food list as a decided win. Persian rice was so-so. I modified the recipe -- skipped the chicken, added mushrooms and black beans. Next time, skip or greatly reduce the mushrooms, keep the black beans, add onions and bell pepper, up the spice level just a bit. Everything else was pretty well standard and serviceable.
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( Jun. 29th, 2009 09:42 am)
Today should be fun. The AC in our building is out, and while it's supposed to be cooler today than it's been the past few days, I don't expect this to be a pleasant experience. The same quirk that's knocked out the AC has also killed the lights in the elevators, so getting up to my floor requires 30-45 seconds of near-total darkness. It wasn't unnerving; just weird.

The weekend was also odd. We had gaming on Saturday that ran way late, and when I crashed, I crashed hard. Sunday morning started badly, early, and with screaming and yelling on all sides. Off-kilter, we managed to wrangle the day into some sort of shape and wound up being quite productive. At some point I found myself staring at the multiple cans of paint that we had in our garage, and this morphed into hauling out all of the various painting accoutrements that we had, and then I painted the bathroom. Once it's done, I'll put up pictures.

We also managed to squeeze in swimming and a trip to the grocery store, so I'd call the day a success. It did manage to move away from the disastrous beginning and turn into a decent weekend day.

This is a short week for me. I'm looking forward to fireworks and explosions for the 4th while many of my friends go off LARPing. (In Georgia. On the 4th of July. I hope they bring lots and lots of Gatorade.) I love summer, but mostly only with AC.

(Which is back on in my office now. Huzzah!)
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( Jun. 8th, 2009 09:51 am)
Still somewhat low on spoons, so my posting is limited.

Good weekend! The Rat watched over tLD while I went to jujitsu and karate class ( Karate was first, and it's warm in the studio now that it's June. So, by the time jujitsu rolled around, the uniform was sticky. Highly sticky. And then the instructor decided it would be an all wrestling class. I stuck to the floor; I stuck to my partner; I stuck to myself. And sensai is saying things like "Track! Flow! Smooth transitions" while I'm thinking "How the hell can I flow when I'm glued in place by sweaty canvas?") and then I took the Bitling to the zoo afterward.

Parakeets! The zoo has a new parakeet enclosure where you can go in, buy a seedstick and then go feed parakeets. They'll land on your stick and nibble seeds until they're gone. It's really really cool, and I say this as someone who didn't used to like birds.

Sunday was the "Little Pirate Mermaid" puppet show which had a somewhat corny script, but an utterly astounding set. (Seriously corny. The evil pirates become good and helpful pirates that give lost starfish directions, clean trash off of desert islands, and sing Kum-ba-Arrrr! Really.) The kids loved it, so definite win there.

We finished off the weekend with a good solid sparring session followed by pizza and light goobing. Must spar more so as to stay ahead of the curve.

I also managed, with help, to answer questions to several things that had been bugging me, and I mowed the yard. Huzzah!
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( Mar. 1st, 2009 11:53 am)
Big fat fluffy snowflakes on a day when we've got nothing planned and nowhere to go. Hot chocolate (Ahh, Williams Sonoma, how I love you) with the kiddo, and a lazy day. Good gaming session last night. Really really tasty hamburgers. Plenty of leftovers for the day. No need to go anywhere at all. This month is definitely looking up.
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( Feb. 23rd, 2009 03:31 pm)
The weekend should have been a lot better than it was. It had all the ingredients of a good one; there was happy visiting, and a cool show (okay, three cool shows) and good friends. It even had lasagna, and no weekend with homemade lasagna should be a bad one.

Unfortunately, my mother goes in for surgery on Tuesday. It's a minor procedure, so the surgery itself isn't concerning me. However, there's some worry about what the doctor will find during the process. One of the possibles is cancer, and I'm more than a little alarmed about the whole possibility. I'd like my mom to be around for a long time to come now, and so I fret. It doesn't help that my mother winds up clashing a lot with me when she's stressed. So in addition to being worried about her, I'm also stressed out about fighting with her.

Still, good thoughts.

We spent a lovely afternoon on Saturday with [ profile] loresinger and her hubby. The Bit was delighted by both birds and by the snake; she was also enthralled by the various action figures that [ profile] amxial has laying about.

Went to see Dialog in the Dark which was nifty if seriously running late. I think our 5:36 tickets didn't actually start until nearly 45 minutes after they were supposed to, so we were nearly late to Crux. (Note to self. Allow 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after any event at Atlantic station to allow for parking in the biggest parking lot ever. Haaate.) We watched an Excursion nearly pin itself in a downtown parking lot, but we made it with no incidents. Crux was good -- although I am clearly unsophisticated when it comes to dance.

Sunday was also good; we made it to church and to Jack and the Beanstalk before heading home to relax for a while. I was a small stress-ball, but [ profile] touchstone managed to spoil me rotten and thus unkink my tension a little bit. Better tomorrow.

February's almost over. Come on, March.
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( Feb. 2nd, 2009 09:53 am)
It was a decidedly happy weekend. Friday was pretty quiet, and Saturday morning was somewhat lazy-ish. [ profile] touchstone took the Bit to her dance class while I went and exchanged bras for better fitting bras. (Current set = thumbs up.) Came home, hung out with the kiddo for a bit and then dropped her off at grandmas so that we could go to Cirque du Soleil. [ profile] kingfrog and SweetiePie sadly misremembered the date and couldn't make it, so there was an unexpected scramble at the last minute that turned up a [ profile] luckypooka who was happy to join us.

This show had two fantastic acts, two exceedingly good acts, three good acts and one sort of meh-ish act. The contortionists were jaw-dropping in that "Are those really human bodies?" sort of way. Seriously. There were times when I was looking at the three women in the act and thinking "that doesn't look human. They look like alien insects." Costuming helped that illusion of course, but damn. Bodies shouldn't bend that way.

The juggler and the balance/strongman act were both quiet good. I love jugglers in general, and this one did a fantastic routine that was kept out of the "fantastic" category only because he had an assistant who merely stood there and looked pretty. She was lovely, but I was kinda hoping for something more.

The tightrope walkers were pretty cool, and they gave us the obligatory heart-attack of the afternoon when one of them slipped off the tightrope. There was a net below, and he caught himself on the rope without falling, but it was alarming. Neat to watch the after-effects though: the music faded to a soothing rumble; there was a subtle "you okay, man?" from the other performers, and a quick check of hands, nerves, etc from the guy who'd fallen. Then they wound back up and did the stunt again.

The highlight of the show was a male duo in what I called the bicycle cage setup. (Sans costume, here's a picture of one of the duo mid-flight.) They were just astounding.

Afterwards, we went to Ihop for dinner and even got home in time to tuck the kiddos into bed. The Bit fell asleep pretty easily but wasn't exhausted, furthering my suspicions that she is really done with the whole napping thing.

Sunday was a quick morning trip to Pike's Nursery to buy a hopefully raccoon-proof stand for my birdfeeder, and then gaming. More on that later.
[ profile] touchstone rented The Transporter last night as a Happy for me. Fast cars, guns and well-built men fighting while covered in motor-oil -- what's not to love? It's good to have a husband who knows your tastes.

We also went to see Quantum of Solace over the weekend. I'm really enjoying the Bond reboot far more than I thought I would. I held the old-style Bond films in high regard as excellent mind-fluff with cool gadgets and explosions and hot eye-candy. The new Bond-as-Thug motif initially made me wary, but I've loved both of the Craig films.

The weekend was good if unexciting. We did a massive "put everything in its place" push on Saturday in the hopes of taming some of the messier corners of the house. We need a library badly. The rest of the week looks to be even less exciting than the weekend as work is just Not Fun for the next week and a half. Still, the weekend was good and the holidays are coming, so it's not all bad.

And there were fast cars, guns and men in motor oil. I love my husband.
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( Oct. 21st, 2008 10:16 am)
We blew off almost all responsibility this past weekend. The one passing nod was a few hours spent blowing up balloons for the Bit and the Kit's School Fall Festival in which we dutifully ticked off all but one of our "suggested" volunteer hours. The rest of Saturday was spent at the festival and then gaming until way past my bedtime.

On Sunday we went to the Scottish Festival at Stone Mountain Park. Who knew there were so many kilts in Atlanta? It was a lot of fun: music, caber-tossing, falconry, herding-dogs and a cool parade. (I'm really starting to believe [ profile] touchstone's theory that the whole of Scottish culture was done on a drunken bet.)

There were bagpipes (VMI had a great pipes and drum group) and harps and fiddles and singers. There was haggis, but it had sold out by the time we were getting food. Deirdre wanted dessert, so I got her a fried twinkie. Poor kiddo. She took one bite and her face got this horrified look on it that said, "I asked for this. I did. But it's horrible. I can't spit it out. It's my DESSERT!" We told her that it was okay to spit out, and after trying the fried twinkie, I must agree with her. Nasty stuff. To console her, we bought her a thing of frozen lemonade which seemed to satisfy.

Then we met up with the Kit and parents at Stone Mountain proper and let the children run wild through the ropes course. tLD was greatly disappointed to learn that she couldn't go on the high course because she wasn't tall enough. She still had plenty of fun though, so all was well.

We then crashed and burned with everyone going to bed early. Hurrah for the weekend.
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( Jun. 9th, 2008 02:44 pm)
Good weekend for the most part. We spent time in the pool, did some yard work and even managed to go see Iron Man. The movie was a terrific amount of fun, but I had a great deal of trouble getting out of my Work Head at some points. (Do you know how much the military would pay for an automatic fire system that could pinpoint civilian vs combatant and target appropriate? Do you? Aaah. Not to mention the infinite power source and...aaaah!) Anyway, still very enjoyable.

The Bit threw herself into Terrible Two mode yesterday morning (it took an hour to put on shoes), but was better after a nap, so we ran errands, got ice cream and took a lengthy dip in the pool. Luckily she wasn't nearly as bad on Saturday when she had her first "big kids" (age 3.5 - 5) gymnastics class. I was a little worried that she was too young, but the teacher said she held her own and did just fine, so we'll keep up with that.

And with that thrilling update, I offer you a meme:

Zombie Attack!
You are in a mall when the zombies attack. You have -

1. one weapon.
2. one song blasting on the speakers.
3. one famous person to fight alongside you

Weapon: Guns are handy when Zombies attack, but with a limited amount of ammo, they're not a long-term solution. I'd pick a nicely balanced and long crowbar for brain-crushing fun.

Song: Zombie crushing requires a song you can dance to, but which can also be blasted at top volume. Right now I'd pick Happy When It Rains by Garbage for my rampaging delight.

Fellow Combatant: Vin Diesel. This one is a no-brainer. The man is ripped (excellent for hurling zombies around), and he plays D&D, so he has surely considered the "Zombies Attack" scenario in the past and is likely prepared for it. Plus, if I'm going down crushed by a horde of zombies, there will damned well be eye-candy for me to look at during my last gasp.
Gamed on Saturday. House Stuff on Sunday. Parks and Grilling on Monday. )

And now, alas, I'm back at work. But rejoice! This means that I can present to you, my good readers, with an etiquette question. Under what circumstances would you deem it appropriate to use the restroom in your workplace while talking on your cell phone -- and using the speaker-phone option on said cell phone?

My answer )
Got up on Saturday morning, got everyone else up. Dropped car off at shop. Went to Toys R Us. Bought presents for kiddos. Went to Jen's party. Watched very cute, very active children run around for 3 hours while hyped up on sugar and hot dogs. Put D in car; let her pass out. Picked up car from shop. Picked up weapons from home. Went to fighter practice. Did fighter practice; got soaked; went out to dinner. Came home. Passed out. Got up on Sunday, went to Renaissance Festival. Walked around a lot. Showed off really cute kiddo to entire cast. Entire cast clearly bored as the rain and general economy was keeping everyone away. Ran around more at Renn Fest. Saw horses. Fed kiddo ice cream. Kiddo refused to go home. Pried kiddo away from Ren fest; threw her in the car. Came home. Ordered pizza. Passed out.

Expanded Ramblings. )
Despite being sicker than I've been in possibly decades on Thursday and Friday, I managed to salvage the weekend somewhat by recovering almost fully today. Of the three goals I had for the weekend -- Fernbank, Harry Potter and a walk -- I got one and a half done. We saw Harry Potter (it's pretty easy to sit when still feeling a little shaky) and took a very slow walk through the zoo late this afternoon. Fernbank will wait; their exhibit of a 123 foot long dinosaur isn't likely to go anywhere anytime soon.

I also steam-cleaned the downstairs carpet. I was going to hold off on this until I was fully well, but there was a tragic Gatorade accident, and visions of ants were a sufficiently strong motivating force to make cleaning seem not so bad really. Still, I think I'm managing a sufficiently gentle recovery that I'm not going to relapse.

Actually, I'm hoping that I had food poisoning. While I'm perfectly capable of surviving several days of not eating, (and the subsequent 5 pound weight loss) I'm less than confident of tLD's ability to do so without winding up in the hospital. So let's hope that whatever it was, it wasn't catching.
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( Jun. 11th, 2007 01:46 pm)
Took the Bit to the Zoo to get her some outdoor time on Saturday morning before gaming. She had fun; I got a little bit of exercise, so that's all good. We may continue this as a tradition as it makes sitting for the entire afternoon indoors much more pleasant. Got back just in time to pick up [ profile] touchstone before heading to gaming. Gaming went well; we're coming to the last chapter in the second "Book" of the game. Gaming on Saturday went well, so that was good.

I was going to plant some flowers on Sunday morning, but the lack of rain + yellow jacket nest pretty much killed that entire idea. Instead we cleaned up the house and then while the Bit was napping, I watered those plants that were going to die without it. Then in the late afternoon, we took the children over to my mom's house and went out to see Caberet at the Shakespeare Tavern. [ profile] outlawcoon,[ profile] sulleniguana, [ profile] forestblend and [ profile] smiths_hammer joined us.

Discussion of the Play and Symbols )
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( Mar. 26th, 2007 09:42 am)
It's saying something that this morning I woke up, peered blearily at my alarm clock and thought to myself, "Self, why is the alarm clock going off on a Sunday morning? And why is there a strange man standing in the corner?"

After a few seconds I realized that it was tragically Monday instead of Sunday. I have no explanation for seeing the man in the corner, but as he was gone by the time I got out of bed, I'm not too worried about it. Should the figure return, I'll deal with it then.

On Saturday we took the Sproglings to Gather Eggs. )

Sunday was just broken up into a whirlwind of stuff. All fun stuff, but busy. There was church in the morning right after a shopping trip to Walmart. Then to my book club and home again to go get the climbing toy was'd bought yesterday. Home again, to take D to the park and then dinner and bed.
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( Mar. 19th, 2007 09:44 am)
It was a really really nice weekend. Adorable children, good friends and fantastic weather make for a happy me. This post is all about the weekend and mundane personal stuff, but stay tuned for a rant/politics post on Universal Health Coverage.

Saturday )
Sunday )
Crazy Cats )
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( Jan. 8th, 2007 10:53 am)
Spent the weekend being lazy and social. Aside from a brief house tidying and budgeting, we did nothing productive. [ profile] touchstone and I dropped the sprogling off for a few hours on Saturday with her grandma while we went and did quiet Us things. Nothing exciting; we went to a bookstore and rented a movie, but it gave us time to have adult conversations without the running sprogling commentary. (I like the running sprogling commentary in general, but there are times when quiet is appreciated.)

I found nothing of interest at the bookstore, alas. I think I'm going to just go back to hard sci-fi in the hopes of getting all this damned chick-lit out of my science-fiction/fantasy section. I blame Hamilton. See, the Anita Blake novels started out really promising. They gave us a facinating new sub-genre of Hardboiled Urban Fantasy; they were great. Then Hamilton started writing porn thinly disguised as her previous sub-genre, and everyone else jumped off the bridge with her. Half of the new books out are Romance novels with Urban Fantasy elements. If I wanted a romance novel, I'd go buy Nora Roberts. She's better at it, and her sex is more interesting. Her sex scenes also don't last for five freaking chapters -- an important point when reading erotica.

Erotica and Sex. )

Anyway, it was still fun. Afterwards we met up with mom and the sprogling to go to dinner. We hit a local seafood resturant that we'd been meaning to try. Turned out to be really good; we'll likely take [ profile] outlawcoon there for her birthday.

Sunday was social day; we spent time with [ profile] suibhne and family, then meandered over to [ profile] twelveoaks and [ profile] speaks for a dinner. We escaped with tLD only melting down a little bit -- huzzah. As an added bonus, she then slept until 5:30. Oh frabjous day.

Weaning. Cut for the uninterested. )

Also, my workplace is babbling about UFOs. It's highly strange.
So, there was a weekend, and the weekend was good. We started early on Thursday with a visit from [ profile] forestblend and [ profile] smiths_hammer for Thai and chatter. In an amazing miracle, we managed to get the Bit asleep at a reasonable hour and thus even got in some baby-free conversation time. I will say that it's an odd position, being a parent with a number of non-parent friends; I worry that I talk too much about the Bit sometimes. It's tricky to strike the right balance between entertaining children stories and boring your friends to death. I think I manage this, and I'm fairly confident that our friends would tell us to shut the hell up already, but it remains a nagging worry in the back of my head.

Friday was? Nothing much as far as I can remember. Saturday, I woke up in a mood to Clean The House before the blizzard of evening parties. [ profile] touchstone mowed the lawn while I cleared out some of the flower beds, and we did general mild yardwork for the afternoon. My mom dropped off our Tree in the afternoon, leaving us just enough time to get it up and watered before it was time to get ready for the office party. For an office Holiday Party, it was remarkably good. It still left me feeling somewhat tired and anti-social, so it was up to [ profile] touchstone to talk me into heading off to the Friend's Party. We wound up having a fantastic time, so I'm glad that he did. Lots of fun, many friends, and a level of comfort with those friends that's just really amazing to me.

Things were a touch off though; there's a nagging lack as [ profile] outlawcoon and [ profile] sulleniguana are still out of town. I wish there were more that I could do in that regard, but alas.

Sunday was House Decoration Day. After we got up and got the Bit back from my mother, we decorated the yard and lazed about. There are still a few things that we want to do -- a big bow for the front door and some garlands -- but all of the bushes are now sporting lights. the Bit was a bit fussy during the early evening, so we took her on a tour of the neighborhood to look at all the lights. She was delighted, and cheered up enough that we were able to get the lights and the cranberry strings onto our tree. We'll finish decorating it tonight and get the SullenCoon tree up as well.

Good weekend. Alas, it left me feeling vaguely fuzzled this morning -- like I'd had a vacation of a sorts. That's good, but it made coming back to work hard.

Bit Tricks )
Initially, I was less than thrilled with the idea of hitting a Halloween party last night. Various events had conspired to force me into a non-social mood, and the thought of going somewhere was less than happy. But we had our costumes; we had the booze; we were going. [ profile] touchstone dragged me out of the house for a walk which upped my mood and generally jollied me up.

Halloween costumes this year were courtesy of a last minute flash of inspiration followed by $5.00 at the thrift store. Hurrah for very cheap costuming. I only wish I could have found really really cheap boots to go with the outfit I found; alas.

(Note to self: you are still allergic to aqua-paint makeup. Do not try it; stick with the greasepaint, damnit.)

Makeup came out passably well (see [ profile] outlawcoon's post for pictures), and then we were off to the party which turned out to be exactly what I needed. [ profile] butterinthesun and J's house is utterly lovely, and there was a small enough number of folks present that I could relax. Got some good conversation in, had some wonderful pumpkin cheesecake, and got to chat with friends I don't get to see often enough. (Brunch. It works great; I should do it more often with folks.)

Came home, had some bad pizza, some more water, and then passed out until receiving the sprogling this morning. So, yeah. Good Halloween stuff. I was pleased.
There was a weekend, and it was good. Nothing notable happened; it was just all around happy. We saw some friends, played with a remarkably cheerful baby, had good quiet time, saw some more friends, got the house clean, and other accomplishments. tLD seems to have made some sort of breakthrough, so she is much less "mommy" focused than she has been. Not only does this make me feel better because I have a bit more of a break, [ profile] touchstone gets to spend more time with his daughter. Hurrah.

Good weekend. That the weather was also fantastic on Saturday (and not too bad on Sunday either) added just the right touch.

In addition to a lovely weekend, I also wrapped up several books last week. Two of them bear commenting upon: Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher and Firestorm by Rachel Caine. One of them suffers badly in the comparison. Spoilers for Firestorm follow. )
Also: Ow.


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