I went to London, and it was awesome, and my daughter is awesome, and my husband is awesome, and it was crazy-cool.

Also awesome? Watching the Bit chase pigeons. Years from now, the only thing she's going to remember about London is that there were pigeons. I suppose there are worse things to remember.

There's a fuck-ton of gold-leaf and gilding in London. Like, amazing amounts. I thought Spain got all the gold. Also, who REALLY needs a punch bowl that one can bath in? Gross.

Cabbies -- even the one that ripped us off -- are not paid enough. Or at least, I couldn't be paid enough to drive in London traffic. But I would love to live somewhere that walkable. I'd need better food though. Cause, um, yeah. I'd have conquered countries with good food too, guys.

Note to people trying to get me to move to London. Sending me the enormous poster of "Patrick Stewart/Ian McKellan in Waiting for Godot" would go a long way towards expressing your point.

London Eye was really keen. Coherent thoughts are tricky right now as I think my brain has melted out of my ears and dribbled down my jeans. Or maybe that's just sticky stuff from the plane flight? Not sure; check back tomorrow.
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( Feb. 14th, 2007 09:50 pm)
I actually went out to dinner on Valentine's day for what may be the first time ever. Alas, my husband is in a different state, but I was at least eating with my in-laws. It was...actually kinda sweet. The resturant brought me and my mother-in-law a rose each (careful, [livejournal.com profile] outlawcoon; I thought of you) with our appetizers, and there were Sweethearts on the table when we arrived. I always like seeing my husband's family, so it was quite happy.

Dinner was fried oyster stew (amazing), pumpkin ravioli (outstanding) and a brownie (tasty). I also snagged a pomegrante martini just to try one. It was good and probably far more deadly than it tasted. Generally a happy and pleasant evening.

Still, I miss my home family. Two more nights.

(Also? The pink has got to go.)
Going to DC today. Pray that the weather gods are kind.

Dinner last night at Rumi's Kitchen with the rest of Team Darkling. We were all apparently Too White for our appetizer orders. One of the staff commented on our choices as being very "authentic". As all the of appetizers were out of this world tasty, I think I can live with that. Ordering required a little dodging around lentils, lemon juice and nuts, but we managed well enough.

I ordered the Dolmeh and Lamb Kabobs. Other appetizer orders were for Borani Spinach, Tahdeeg and Mast Mousir with more kabobs, and Ghormeh Sabzi for entrees. Dessert (split five ways because we were all stuffed) was frozen rice noodles with pomegrantes and lime juice. Soooooo tasty. I highly recommend a visit.

And now, I'm going to go start my travel. Wish me luck.


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