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( Jun. 11th, 2007 01:46 pm)
Took the Bit to the Zoo to get her some outdoor time on Saturday morning before gaming. She had fun; I got a little bit of exercise, so that's all good. We may continue this as a tradition as it makes sitting for the entire afternoon indoors much more pleasant. Got back just in time to pick up [ profile] touchstone before heading to gaming. Gaming went well; we're coming to the last chapter in the second "Book" of the game. Gaming on Saturday went well, so that was good.

I was going to plant some flowers on Sunday morning, but the lack of rain + yellow jacket nest pretty much killed that entire idea. Instead we cleaned up the house and then while the Bit was napping, I watered those plants that were going to die without it. Then in the late afternoon, we took the children over to my mom's house and went out to see Caberet at the Shakespeare Tavern. [ profile] outlawcoon,[ profile] sulleniguana, [ profile] forestblend and [ profile] smiths_hammer joined us.

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( Oct. 6th, 2006 01:15 pm)
By now, I figure that my loyal readers have figured out that I'm having a somewhat hellacious week. Work stress, sick kid, personal stress, money stress; it's been a nigh perfect storm of doom that has left my stomach tied in knots.

Today is better. tLD is less sick, work has settled into a livable level of controlled panic, and everything is smoothing out. This morning I swapped out the CD that I'd been listening too since Monday afternoon (my Angry/Stressed Out CD mix) for my Good Driving Music CD.

Last night was certainly a contributing factor towards my improved mood. [ profile] sulleniguana and [ profile] outlawcoon took [ profile] touchstone and myself out to see The Merchant of Venice for our birthday treat. It was...really really good. I admit to being a little hesitant; most of what I've heard of the play consists of how astoundingly controversial and anti-Semetic it is. And it is. The play is very clearly a product of the the time when it was written, and I can see how (based upon the text) it could be played very differently by very different actors. This particular performance cast Shylock as a fairly sympathetic character. A sympathetic character with a tragic flaw, but still well played. Pretty damned cool.

And now there's a weekend that is gloriously free of obligations. I believe we'll be planting trees!
I am a shallow person, and I'm okay with that.

Really. I'm not interested in Deep Literary Works of Fiction, I won't watch Provocative Art Films that will challenge my sense of self, and I am unmoved emotionally by Red Dot on Orange Background.

(Sidenote: Do the artists who paint red dots on white canvas (and other modern/post-modern paintings) actually think that they are saying something deep and meaningful, or are they just waiting for everyone else to get the joke? I mean, once you're getting paid thousands of dollars for splattering paint on a canvas, it's hard to stand up and say "Guys? I was just kidding," but they are just kidding, right?)

It has taken me many years to accept the fact that I want to watch movies with explosions and sexy half-naked people, read books that are entertaining but not deep and buy art that, well, actually looks like something. But accept it I have.

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( Jun. 22nd, 2006 10:21 am)
Went with the Usual Suspects to see Chicago last night at the Fox. Couple of points worth mentioning here:

I saw more folks dressed appropriately last night (a Wednesday!) than I think I've seen in the past five Saturdays that I've been to the Fox. [ profile] sulleniguana pointed out some folks slouching around in shorts and tee-shirts, but in general most of the ladies were in suits or dresses and the gentlemen were in slacks and button-down shirts. (Our group, of course, looked smashing as always.)

The opening announcer was clearly stalling. I can only expect that someone was running a trifle late to curtain call because he started wandering off into discussing baseball. Admittedly, I think this guy was probably hanging around Atlanta back when the Braves actually sucked like an Atlanta team is supposed to, so he had the right to natter on about them, but he was still stalling.

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