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( Sep. 13th, 2010 08:10 pm)
The Bit says, "When I growl, I growl like this! *grrrrrr* But I don't growl at (Girl) T."
Dad asks, "Oh? Why not?"
The Bit says, "Because she and I are both werewolves! We growl at (Boy) A, (Boy) C and (Boy) K. A is my boyfriend. When I chase him and catch him, I drag him back to my cage, make him lie down and tell him that he can't get up."
Mom and Dad attempt bluff checks to avoid breaking into hysterical gales of laughter. "Oh! Well, that fun."
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( Mar. 8th, 2010 04:59 pm)
It's somewhere over a bazillion degrees in my office right now which is sapping the life out of my will to work. Furthermore, I want to be at home working on the Irish folk-songs that the Rat and I are planning to sing for the Bit's school in a few weeks, and I want to look up my notes on I, Robot and post them for Book Club discussion. Since none of these things are really feasible right this second, I'm meandering in my journal.

We went hiking this weekend with the kiddo, and for all that she talked non-stop, it was a lovely walk. This weekend was gorgeous, and I demand more weather like that. Spring can't get here fast enough at this point. It's on the way though! There are flowers coming up in my yard, and I can see the start of buds cracking on some of the trees. Spring spring spring!

There's not much else to report. Thoughts on I, Robot coming soon though!
The trip to DC was long, but the plan of leaving early in the morning turned out to be a good one. We hit traffic somewhere in the middle of Virginia which added about 2 hours to our overall trip time -- 13.5 hours in total. Still, the snow was lovely, and the in-laws had dinner waiting for us, so all was well there.

The kiddo enjoyed playing in the snow, and we got several good pictures of her hurling snow-clouds (it was totally the wrong snow for snowballs) at her cousin, father and uncle. We survived the Christmas Eve service with minimal questions from the Bit (all of which I referred to her father) and just a touch of bitchiness on my end. (Really? Scared baby animals should not be used as props. Please don't.) Then home for unwrapping of the first round of presents and time spent with cousins and uncles and in-laws and general happiness.

Christmas Day was quiet and lazy. We all got a ton of books, so we sat around and read for most of the morning and much of the afternoon. We spent the rest of our visit in much the same manner, and finally made it back into town on Tuesday.

Upon arrival, we went into a mad frenzy of cleaning, straightening and organizing which, so far, has mostly only produced More Stuff in the Garage and hasn't really (for a casual observer) seemed to have an impact on the house itself. Still, things have been painted, spiffed, spruced and generally neatened, and we're nearing the point where we'll actually take on the study. (Aah, the study.)

New Years stocking-stuffing and opening was good. It's the first year that both girls seemed truly interested in stuffing the stockings, so that was happy and charming. They also very deliberately pulled everything out of their own stocking and looked at each and every thing that they got before going on to the next present. It was adorable.

We spent the rest of vacation visiting with friends, cleaning more, and relaxing. And now it's back to work for all of us. In some ways, I'm glad to be back to a routine and a schedule. In other ways, I'm still hopeful for a lottery windfall.

Here's to the end of 2009 and good wishes for a bright 2010. (2010. Really? It's 2010 already?_
The Bit is fascinated by Plants Vs Zombies; she finds the entire thing utterly hilarious and is starting to ask for her chance to kill zombies as well.

So, when browsing for show-times for movies today, the following conversation took place between my husband and me.

Me: Zombieland opens today.
Nim: Are you going to take D to see it?
Me: Hmm. Maybe if there weren't zombie strippers. *pause* No. No, I'm not taking our four year old to an R-rated Zombie movie.
Nim: That was a test.
Me: *pause* But I bet she'd like it.
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( Sep. 26th, 2009 08:37 pm)
When shown tonight's dinner, the Bit said "SUSHISUSHISUSHISUSHIYAYAYAYAYAY!" in one high-pitched squeal of delight. She proceeded to demolish several pieces of sashimi, two pieces of bagel roll, an eel, a salmon, and a tuna sushi, and some California roll. She disdained the parsley though, so she's not a complete freak. Of course, this is also the four year old who calls brussel sprouts "yummyyums" and is wandering around with an orange glowstick claiming to be "Firegirl" so she may just be mostly a freak.

In other news, the people who introduced me to Plants vs Zombies have a lot to answer for. Namely, "where did all my free time go" and "can I have just one more level?" Addictive little game. Really addictive.
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( Aug. 13th, 2009 10:10 am)
The Bit starts year 2 of preschool today. There was a bit of drama over teachers, but that's all settled out now. I like her new teacher, and I think it'll work out for the best. I was somewhat annoyed over having to deal with Drama when my child is only 4, but I suppose it's going to happen sooner or later.

Two nights ago I had some truly odd dreams. In the first (and most memorable), I dreamed that god came to me and showed me the creation of the universe. The dream went something like this:

God said, "The world is created by language and words. Here, let me show you." And God showed me the seven fundamental sentences of the universe. One was written into the sky in letters unknown to mortals. One cradled down inside the molten interior of the Earth. The rest of the sentences curled around all Life and changed ever so slightly each time someone spoke.

In the second dream, I was wandering through the house where I lived as a child. it was pleasant but odd, for I've no idea what brought those particular memories to the surface.
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( May. 13th, 2009 07:15 am)
The Bit is now old enough to appreciate chapter books -- we just finished Nurk by Ursula Vernon -- but I've no idea what to get that would be appropriate or enjoyable. Anyone have recommendations? Please?

I went to London, and it was awesome, and my daughter is awesome, and my husband is awesome, and it was crazy-cool.

Also awesome? Watching the Bit chase pigeons. Years from now, the only thing she's going to remember about London is that there were pigeons. I suppose there are worse things to remember.

There's a fuck-ton of gold-leaf and gilding in London. Like, amazing amounts. I thought Spain got all the gold. Also, who REALLY needs a punch bowl that one can bath in? Gross.

Cabbies -- even the one that ripped us off -- are not paid enough. Or at least, I couldn't be paid enough to drive in London traffic. But I would love to live somewhere that walkable. I'd need better food though. Cause, um, yeah. I'd have conquered countries with good food too, guys.

Note to people trying to get me to move to London. Sending me the enormous poster of "Patrick Stewart/Ian McKellan in Waiting for Godot" would go a long way towards expressing your point.

London Eye was really keen. Coherent thoughts are tricky right now as I think my brain has melted out of my ears and dribbled down my jeans. Or maybe that's just sticky stuff from the plane flight? Not sure; check back tomorrow.
I need a couple of new DVDs to show to the Bitling during a 9+ hour plane flight. It should be age appropriate (3-5 year olds) and preferably something that won't drive me crazy. (Anyone suggesting Dora the Explorer will be summarily drawn and quartered.)

Anyone got ideas?
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( Jun. 9th, 2008 02:44 pm)
Good weekend for the most part. We spent time in the pool, did some yard work and even managed to go see Iron Man. The movie was a terrific amount of fun, but I had a great deal of trouble getting out of my Work Head at some points. (Do you know how much the military would pay for an automatic fire system that could pinpoint civilian vs combatant and target appropriate? Do you? Aaah. Not to mention the infinite power source and...aaaah!) Anyway, still very enjoyable.

The Bit threw herself into Terrible Two mode yesterday morning (it took an hour to put on shoes), but was better after a nap, so we ran errands, got ice cream and took a lengthy dip in the pool. Luckily she wasn't nearly as bad on Saturday when she had her first "big kids" (age 3.5 - 5) gymnastics class. I was a little worried that she was too young, but the teacher said she held her own and did just fine, so we'll keep up with that.

And with that thrilling update, I offer you a meme:

Zombie Attack!
You are in a mall when the zombies attack. You have -

1. one weapon.
2. one song blasting on the speakers.
3. one famous person to fight alongside you

Weapon: Guns are handy when Zombies attack, but with a limited amount of ammo, they're not a long-term solution. I'd pick a nicely balanced and long crowbar for brain-crushing fun.

Song: Zombie crushing requires a song you can dance to, but which can also be blasted at top volume. Right now I'd pick Happy When It Rains by Garbage for my rampaging delight.

Fellow Combatant: Vin Diesel. This one is a no-brainer. The man is ripped (excellent for hurling zombies around), and he plays D&D, so he has surely considered the "Zombies Attack" scenario in the past and is likely prepared for it. Plus, if I'm going down crushed by a horde of zombies, there will damned well be eye-candy for me to look at during my last gasp.


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