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( Jul. 20th, 2006 12:28 pm)
Primary election results are in; I'll be going through the candidates for the actual election over the next couple of months. Our first stroll through Georgia candidates will features the two opponents for Insurance Commissioner -- look for this in the next couple of days.
Mundane updates follow. )
Home from Boston. Saw lots of folks, survived wrangling tLD in a completely non-babyproofed home. Had fun. Relaxed some. More later. Go tud now.
In-laws in town over the weekend. Good visit with them although somewhat tiring.

Friday was a party at my coworker's house that I sadly had to cut short to get home to the inlaws. Wound up slightly lost in the wilds of Woodstock but managed to find my way home.

Do you know that there are $1,000,000 homes up in the wilds of Woodstock? One Million+ subdivisions are going in like crazy. So, not only are you getting a mortgage of doom, you're stuck out somewhere that takes you a good hour to get to downtown when there isn't any traffic. And yes, there are tons of things within a 20 minute drive, but it's still a 20 minute drive and OMG, subdivision houses should not cost over a million dollars.

Aaaaaanyway. Saturday was spent mostly relaxing and hanging out with [ profile] touchstone's folks. Nothing spectacular; just nice and quiet. Sunday was much the same. We had brunch with some friends, the in-laws and my mother, then left tLD in the care of her grandparents while we went to see David Copperfield with the SullenCoons.


I mean, wow.

He made a car appear on stage. A fullsized, big-ass 1940s Lincoln car. I know it's all smoke and mirrors and lighting effects, He's also very funny and entertaining just in general. If he had skipped the 10 minute introductory video of how cool he was, it would have been a perfect show. As it was...8.5 out of 10.

Yesterday we hit the Georgia Aquarium. It was crowed with school children who had the day off, but was still really nifty. Even tLD was facinated by the colors and the moving fish. I'd like to go back (although not this year most likely) and spend more time watching, but even just hitting the high parts was very cool.

Back to normal today, and that feels good too. As long as I surive the weekend, all will be well.
Primal scream behind the cut. )

Much better. Now, where was I?

Oh yes. A good day today, all things considered. There is a low hanging stress cloud looming on the horizon, but right now my perspective is such that the cloud is backlight by the sun and is glowing that pretty silver/gold color around the edges and really doesn't look all that bad from where I'm sitting.

Last night we introduced (or rather, I introduced as [ profile] touchstone was safely out of the radius) tLD to the Big Bathtub. I'd started her in her usual tub-in-a-tub place, but she was frustrated by her inability to sit up and reach for things. I was frustrated by the mini-tub, so I banished it. And then there was WATER! everywhere! tLD discovered that if you smack your hand into the water, there is a splash. This was fantastic. Poor Bella. Bella usually watches any bathing activity as a matter of course, but not this time. As soon as the splashing started, the cat fled.

The Georgia legislative session is starting up again. I'm thinking I'm going to begin posting commentary on the bills introduced by the Senate (with occasional ones by the House) as a matter of course. This could be fun.

In-laws are in town starting tomorrow. Unlike many folks, I am blessed with in-laws that I actually like seeing. They'll be here for the weekend during which time we'll do...something. Stuff. We will go to the aquarium on Monday, but beyond that? Surely something will come up. Really this town needs tourist attractions beyond Fish and Strippers. Ah well. At least we now have fish.


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