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( Mar. 19th, 2007 09:44 am)
It was a really really nice weekend. Adorable children, good friends and fantastic weather make for a happy me. This post is all about the weekend and mundane personal stuff, but stay tuned for a rant/politics post on Universal Health Coverage.

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( Mar. 14th, 2007 09:51 am)
In a really good mood this morning, so I thought I'd drop in a quick update on life and politics.

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I'm reading Blood Bound -- a new Dark Urban Fantasty book. It's entertaining, and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes the genre, but it's one of the minor characters that makes me deeply happy. One of her werewolves is gay. He's buff, somewhere around third in the pack hierarchy, has a kick-ass sometimes-lover, and is just all around keen. If I were a guy, I would so be lusting after him.

I am an adrenaline junky who should never ever own a real sports car. I'd just wind up pissing someone off and getting shot on 400.

Days are getting longer; this adds to my good mood.

Also. Barbaro? He's a horse. Now he's a dead horse, and while I could make cracks about beating him, I'll just pass. Horse. He was a potentially very expensive horse; he was a horse that suffered a really nasty injury after winning a big race, but he's still just a horse. While I love horses as much as the next Girl, I recognize that horses do not, in fact, have a strong sense of humor. They are not clever or funny or even particular insightful; they are horses. Please stop with the dramatic eulogies over Barbaro now.
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( Jan. 10th, 2007 09:18 am)
Had my first voice lesson last night with [ profile] loresinger. The Bit wasn't so sure about the whole thing, but she settled down once we actually started singing, and I think that she'll do better over time. I was thrilled to realize that my range -- while rusty and needing to be polished a little (okay, a lot) -- hadn't collapsed nearly as much as I had feared. Lots of fun. tLD and the kit both enjoyed [ profile] touchstone's drum lesson. Now to find a fiddle and a banjo teacher that will come to the house.

I then spent part of the evening watching The Devil Wears Prada. Luckily, I was also doing weights at the time, so it wasn't a completely wasted hour, but... okay, look.

I understand that some people are Evil Bosses. I can even understand why the Evil Boss in the movie is generally evil. However when she loses her temper over her assistant's inability to find her a flight out of Miami during the middle of a hurricane, I was Done. If there are actually people out there like that, I don't know them, and if I did, I would smack them. The movie goes back tonight with the remainder unwatched because short of Plucky Assistant going on a shooting rampage in the middle of a photo shoot, I just can't come up with an ending that would make me happy.

Still, a good evening all in all.
There was a weekend, and it was good. Nothing notable happened; it was just all around happy. We saw some friends, played with a remarkably cheerful baby, had good quiet time, saw some more friends, got the house clean, and other accomplishments. tLD seems to have made some sort of breakthrough, so she is much less "mommy" focused than she has been. Not only does this make me feel better because I have a bit more of a break, [ profile] touchstone gets to spend more time with his daughter. Hurrah.

Good weekend. That the weather was also fantastic on Saturday (and not too bad on Sunday either) added just the right touch.

In addition to a lovely weekend, I also wrapped up several books last week. Two of them bear commenting upon: Proven Guilty by Jim Butcher and Firestorm by Rachel Caine. One of them suffers badly in the comparison. Spoilers for Firestorm follow. )
Also: Ow.
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( Sep. 7th, 2006 10:11 am)
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( Jul. 20th, 2006 12:28 pm)
Primary election results are in; I'll be going through the candidates for the actual election over the next couple of months. Our first stroll through Georgia candidates will features the two opponents for Insurance Commissioner -- look for this in the next couple of days.
Mundane updates follow. )
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( Jun. 12th, 2006 05:38 pm)
I spent most of last week in a training class for work. At least it was in my office so I still had access to email and such. The bit of excitement happened on Thursday when the power went out in our building. The rest of the office was sent home; we who had laptops and a UPS to power the projector solidered on and finished out the session. There was an unholy chorus of beeping as the UPSies attached to each person's computer slowly gave up the ghost, but they eventually all died and peace returned.

Spent most of the weekend poking about the house. [ profile] touchstone got the garage clean while I entertained the Bit. I got my car cleaned -- a massive undertaking that involved the excavation of several layers of cheerios and rice-chex. My car accumulates stuff. Generally useful stuff, but it also winds up playing host to books, jackets, far too many toys, empty CD cases and other odds and ends. I envy those folks who keep their cars immaculate, and I'm far better at keeping my car neat than my mother (don't ask; no really), but I somehow lack the Clean Car feats necessary for the job. So every so often I go out, pick through all the stuff, put it away and clean the car.

Sunday was Book Club with [ profile] brainella and [ profile] outlawcoon. Twas fun! This book club thing seems nifty, and it's an excellent way to expand my reading list. Otherwise I tend to get stuck in a rut and never seek out new authors.

Oh, and tLD is walking. Well, tottering. She's managed to cross about three or four total feet going from me to [ profile] touchstone or back. She's even managing to stop and then start again, although she still prefers crawling as it's faster. Once she figures out that walking makes it easier to carry her books around, there's going to be no stopping her.
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( Jun. 5th, 2006 04:59 pm)
The weekend was far more productive than either the Rat or I had planned. In a fit of yard frenzy, he went out to tackle the (taller than him) bushes at the front of our yard. Our next door neighbor (whom we had begun to believe was a recluse who didn't speak to anyone) came out of his shell and revealed that he (oh, glories!) was a yard-freak. Apparently he only comes out for gardening. He has built up and sold two lawn-care services in his lifetime and apparently has a passion for perfectly trimmed grass and planted flowers that I will never manage in all my years of living. But he takes students! So [ profile] touchstone solicited his opinions in regards to our shrubbery (cut it waaaaay back, was the advice) in desperate hopes that we will learn something of the mysteries of yard care from him.

The rat slashed the bushes to the bone that evening, and then on Saturday we did some light mulching, some massive weeding, and I trimmed the other set of bushes -- the ones that were threatening to take over the poor maple tree in our front yard. Judicious use of a hedge trimmer has given us a much improved front yard and possibly even spared us the wrath of our HOA.

Sunday was spent gaming and relaxing. If tLD hadn't been suffering from a cold, it would have been the practically perfect weekend. As it was, she was up and down for a bit on Friday and Saturday night, so the sleep was less than optimal. I came out of the weekend reasonably well rested though, so that's really the best I can hope for.
The Bit
We seem to be making some progress towards getting tLD to sleep through the night. It's a slow, halting sort of stumbling, but last night she didn't stir from the time that she went down until around 2:00 in the morning. For us, that's a major step forward.

She's also figured out that there is a bedtime routine. (We read her a book, she gets a bath, we say good night, she gets a snack, and then she gets rocked for a bit.) A few nights ago, she crawled into her room about a minute before we were going to start the routine and began picking up books and holding them up to us. When [ profile] touchstone went into the nursery and sat down in the rocking chair, she crawled over to him with the book and this expectant expression on her face.

A Deeper Season
[ profile] jadelennox recommended A Deeper Season to me. It's a novel length, slash set in the Vorkosigan universe. I'm still not certain. The writing is excellent; the characters are near to perfect; it reads like a Bujold Vorkosigan story. And yet. It's /, and I find that I'm having a fundamental issue breaking through that. I think it's because I'm so very fond of the Miles/Ekaterina pairing that I'm not interested in exploring Miles/* in any way. Still, it's so damned good that I keep reading. We'll see how it goes past chapter 3.

On the Benefits of Age
Speaking with my younger (by 5-8 years) coworkers yesterday morning, I pointed out one of the great benefits of aging -- wisdom. One was mentioning this truely god-awful website (in which one gets to rate pictures of shit; no really, I kid thee not) and how utterly disgusting it was. I pointed out that at some point in my life I would have felt compelled to go look. Now, however, I am older and wiser. I realize that there are a finite number of things that I will get to see in this world, and I can choose to not view certain things. And that will be okay.

I'm facinated to see what insights I gather after turning 40.
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( May. 24th, 2006 10:19 am)
Drama! on livejournal in regards to any number of issues should just go away and leave me alone.

While flipping through communities the other day, I encountered someone who was wroth that she was asked not to bring her nine month old baby into an R-rated movie late at night. Who the hell wants to bring a baby into an R rated movie? I don't care if the kid does sleep through the entire thing; think of the people around you.

tLD has taken her first actual step. I think it was completely accidental, but she did it. She also has started really walking while holding on to mom or dad's hands. She's been taking a step or two for a while now, but she would always give up after just a bit and drop to her knees to crawl. As of yesterday, she was walking all the way across the room. Now all she has to do is let go, and I'll have a full fledged toddler. Dooom.

Need to find someone to mow the yard real soon now. Anyone got any recommendations?

I'm looking forward to the weekend. There's nothing that I have to do except get a nice haircut. So, opinions. I'm going to a nice salon; getting a nice haircut. Do I go for something radically different or should I stick with my current rough style? Or somewhere in between?
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( May. 5th, 2006 09:12 am)
As I was As I was driving into work yesterday, I passed a motorcycle cop who was parked by the side of the highway. The cop had just come back from the woods and was preparing to get on his bike again. While I would like to think that he had stopped because he had seen something of a danger to the public and was bravely risking life and limb to protect us all, I suspect (given that he was adjusting his fly) that he had actually stopped to take a leak.

There is an outside chance that I may get the opportunity to go shoot Big Guns(tm) as part of a team-building exercise at work. I am thrilled by this notion. [ profile] dorsai, I promise a full write-up if I'm allowed to go.

I cooked a really tasty dinner on Wednesday. Spaghetti squash topped with a meat and eggplant tomato sauce. I was surprised at how well it turned out, and I will be sticking it on my list of foods to make again.

Tomorrow is my – dear gods – sixth year wedding anniversary. Look! I put it on my calendar and thus I remembered the date! I'm lousy with dates, and so the perpetual calendar makes my life much much easier. I am also suddenly struck with amusement by the thought that (should we last that long) our fiftieth wedding anniversary will be in 2050. Twenty-Fifty. Really, that's a date that should be associated with all sorts of weird futuristic techno-toys. Not something that I might actually see in my lifetime.

Enough for now. More later.
Rough night last night with tLD. Hopefully tonight will be better, and we can all get some sleep. In general, however, she's doing well. She's got a new word (which I use loosely because I'm not at all convinced that it's a word for real, but does seem to be consistent) as of a day or so ago. "Ball" appears to mean ball and possibly 'think I want to play with' as an additional meaning. She's eating well (although she still spurns the bottle almost completely).

Good weekend generally although it was a bit disconnected. I wanted a bit more solid time, but I still got to see people. And I went shopping. (I hate shopping; have I mentioned?) However, I was in dire need of short-sleeved shirts and a few other things. Wound up with several shirts, a pair of pants, a skirt and new shoes. Go me.
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( Apr. 19th, 2006 05:31 pm)
Spent much of Sunday hanging out with [ profile] cnoocy and his lovely Badger-wife. They're on my short-list of folks that I wish would just give in and move down here so I could see them more often. Alas, I don't know that having them closer would do much good; I don't see many of my local friends often enough to suit. Still, it was a very happy visit, and it was good to see them. I do think that I may take Badger up on her desire to go participate a major pagan festival sometime either next year or the year after if [ profile] touchstone is good with it. Could be interesting.

We went out to dinner, marking tLD's first restaurant experience since she was capable of sitting up and feeding herself. The experience went remarkably well. She made a mess, but not too awful of one, and she didn't scream or fuss until the very end. Now that she's capable of eating off my plate, food becomes much less of a stress point.

On Monday, I was done. tLD didn't sleep well, so I was awake from about 2:00 until 5:00 in the morning. I react poorly to little sleep, and I was a snappy bitchy for much of the day and evening. Luckily she slept much better Monday night, and I didn't have to kill the children. Had a pleasant evening last night plotting how to kill SI PCs and generally chatting.

My life really is dreadfully mundane. Apologies, dear readers. Perhaps I'll take up Adventure Travel or something to entertain you better.
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( Apr. 9th, 2006 04:44 pm)
Took Friday off as a mental health, I have stuff to do, Day. Did 8+ loads of laundry, planted flowers, ran errands, got groceries and got the house straight. Having worn out the day, I called it a sucess and vegged for the rest of the evening. tLD went down early (for her), and we popped in Chicago to watch while folding the 8+ loads of laundry.

On Saturday, Mom watched tLD during the afternoon while the Rat and I went to the shooting range. Saturday morning was supposed to be a get together with one of my high school friends, but we were forced to reschedule for next week.

(tLD has discovered the bookcase. As [ profile] touchstone doesn't want us discouraging her from playing with books, she is being permitted to, well, play with the books. Currently this consists of pulling them all off the bookshelf and rolling around on them. As one of [ profile] touchstone's chores is to reshelve all the books, this isn't my problem. And it makes her happy, so.)

Saturday evening, Mom took tLD to her house, and we got a baby-free night! Whoot! We were going to go see V for Vendetta, but [ profile] outlawcoon had the brilliant suggestion of going dancing instead. So off we went. Bellbottoms was a lot of fun (see [ profile] outlawcoon's writeup for more), and dinner was deeply tasty.

Today has been a day of looking at houses (for my mother who is moving closer), and relaxing around the house. A good day, and an even better weekend.
House - straight.
Errands - run.
Flowers - planted.
tLD - growing.
Party - Attended.
Sunday plans? - Gefuckted.

While today hasn't really been what I expected it to be, it has been a good and pleasant weekend all around. Relaxed yesterday, hung out, was moderately productive; all good things. Today has been unexpected but good. We got the garage cleaned out and various errands run. And then as all plans decided to climb into a handbasket and take a tour of hell, I went and bought flowers to plant. Home Depot was misting their gardening section with crack this afternoon, so I perhaps went a bit overboard, but I'm sure I'll plant them all somewhere.

Treadmill arrives tomorrow! Yipee. The current one is beyond dead, and we've needed a new one for a while. It's pricey, but C.R. liked it and it wasn't the most expensive one we could have gotten. As it has been proven that I will actually use it, I don't mind shelling out for a good one.

And that's pretty much the weekend.
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( Mar. 29th, 2006 01:14 pm)
It's beautiful out there today. Blue sky, warm air; I want to go out and play so badly. 5 more hours until I can. The fog this morning was amazing. It was so thick that I couldn't see the billboards on the highway. Once I got off the highway, it was beautiful. The spider-webs in particular were covered in tiny silver waterdrops and just glowed like polished silver. And they were everywhere. Anywhere there was a place to cup a small web, a spider had been busy.

Nothing major to report; just a generally good day.


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