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( May. 11th, 2007 09:59 am)
I am a little ball of angry today. Handle with caution.
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( Mar. 2nd, 2007 09:24 am)
Lilisonna Mood Indictator says, "Bitchy. Not bad; just bitchy." You have been warned.

Note to [ profile] dorsai: I just as likely to start screaming at the radio when Democratic congresscritters say stupid things as I am when Republican critters act dumb. Now that the power shift has happened, I have not noticed a decrease in my shouted responses to stupidity. This morning featured the idiocy of Nancy Pelosi attempting to explain away the Republican's "attack" on Representative William "What $90K?" Jefferson as an indication that they "had no other agenda."

That the Republican party is attacking a congresscritter who was found with ninety thousand dollars in his freezer seems to have slipped her notice. That the Democrats campaigned partially on a "Get Rid of Corruption" platform and are now happily tossing this guy's name into the ring for a seat on the Homeland Security committee is a juxtaposition that seems to bother her not one bit.

What the fuck ever.

Yeah yeah yeah, innocent until proven guilty. That's great, but that's hardly stopped smear campaigns in the past.
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( Dec. 21st, 2006 01:18 pm)
Work has finally calmed down after a hell project took over for about three weeks, so I've a bit of time to update.

Bit Update. )

Fourth Wall )

Holiday Cheer? )

Also, it is worth noting that I'm off work and home for all of next week. I would like to see folks generally, so if you're free and up for company, drop me a line.
It was a Good evening.

Instead of having to work until the wee hours, my code cooperated and let me leave only a little bit late. It was late enough that traffic wasn't awful, so I got home only marginally later than I normally do. [ profile] touchstone was just getting the children into the house, so I missed very little time with either of them. And then, tLD and the Kit were both on their best of cute behaviors tonight. Kit spent much of the time running circles around the house while asking the adults to "catch me!" while tLD looked on and giggled.

At some point, the Kit asked for "b'gman!" which [ profile] touchstone was required to sing for her. I came into the kitchen to see my husband chopping apples in time while the Kit and tLD were bouncing around the kitchen, dancing happily away to the music. They were both entertained when Mom/Aunt Lilisonna joined in the dancing. At some point in there, I think tLD actually managed a real jump, but it's hard to say.

There was exceedingly tasty chili bubbling on the stove when I got in, a good (if overly brief) chat with [ profile] outlawcoon as she picked up the Kit, and then a run.

Somewhere on my late night run through the light-bedecked neighborhood, I got slammed by Holiday Cheer. The lights were just so damned happy that I couldn't help but smile. Even the godawful tacky red and green flashing ones...well, they make someone happy, and while it's tempting to go around putting tacky-rating cards in people's mailboxes, eh. The person who put them up must get some measure of joy out of them, and that really is the important thing. Even the oh-my-god-do-they-really-make-that Nascar Santa inflatable lawn ornament got a smile.

It's still not a perfect season. There are holes in the holiday this year, and there's sorrow there. But as I'm sitting here sipping on the last of the Irish whiskey, I'm at least feeling some measure of holiday happiness.
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( Oct. 20th, 2006 01:26 pm)
There are days when I think that I should be a better person.
Today is one of those days.
At least I'm not delighting in my pettiness.
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( Oct. 18th, 2006 09:09 am)
Yesterday was curiously glorious weather-wise. It was raining -- not usually the best for glorious weather unless it's summer and pouring -- and utterly splendid. Everything was this soft, warm, comfy gray color, and the rain was just warm enough to be comfortable to play in.

Naturally I went outside during my lunch break and just walked around in the rain. My coworkers thought I was nuts, but that's only because they don't appreciate weather.


Still a guy, BTW. I took two quizzes yesterday; both identified me as strongly likely to be male. I snickered. Came home and had a conversation with my husband about how I am, in fact, sometimes more of the guy in our relationship. (Two examples. I do not ask for directions; he does. Then there are our immediate reactions to someone we know being hurt by an SO. His: "Oh you poor dear. Here, let me comfort you." Mine: "Where is the bastard? I'm going to go kick his ass." ) This diverged into a truly bizarre conversation wherein the Rat asked me if I would still be with him if he'd turned out to be a woman instead of a man. I said yes, of course, but admitted that I would have been somewhat confused upon first meeting her.

Also, The Pirate Privilege Checklist.
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( Oct. 6th, 2006 01:15 pm)
By now, I figure that my loyal readers have figured out that I'm having a somewhat hellacious week. Work stress, sick kid, personal stress, money stress; it's been a nigh perfect storm of doom that has left my stomach tied in knots.

Today is better. tLD is less sick, work has settled into a livable level of controlled panic, and everything is smoothing out. This morning I swapped out the CD that I'd been listening too since Monday afternoon (my Angry/Stressed Out CD mix) for my Good Driving Music CD.

Last night was certainly a contributing factor towards my improved mood. [ profile] sulleniguana and [ profile] outlawcoon took [ profile] touchstone and myself out to see The Merchant of Venice for our birthday treat. It was...really really good. I admit to being a little hesitant; most of what I've heard of the play consists of how astoundingly controversial and anti-Semetic it is. And it is. The play is very clearly a product of the the time when it was written, and I can see how (based upon the text) it could be played very differently by very different actors. This particular performance cast Shylock as a fairly sympathetic character. A sympathetic character with a tragic flaw, but still well played. Pretty damned cool.

And now there's a weekend that is gloriously free of obligations. I believe we'll be planting trees!
The week continues its slow and painful clawing upward from Monday. I think I'm finally over my sensory overload in general although my reserves are fairly low. I drove into work this morning in utter, blissful silence.

(Aside: I do not understand people who find driving in decent conditions to be stressful. Driving in non-rush hour, non-bad weather is remarkably meditative for me. Driving fast is even better.)

Several conversations that I've had over the past few days have helped unknot my stomach at least a little. Work stress is easing up. I managed to get some stuff accomplished yesterday. It will get better. It will.

At least I like my clothes.
It's Fall. Have you been outside today? The air is crisp, the breeze is cool, and the sky is starting to get the Fall Blue color.

Oh happiness.
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( Sep. 7th, 2006 10:11 am)
Chatter behind the cut )
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( Apr. 13th, 2006 11:32 am)
After a somewhat difficult evening -- tLD decided she didn't want to sleep and would rather scream her head off from 10:30 to midnight -- I woke up in a decidedly good mood. I'm a little sleepy, and a little bit disoriented for various things, but I am reminded today of just how very fortunate I am. My drive into work was happy (Da Vinci's Notebook makes all things good), and work is actually going well.

tLD did decide to take a header off the bed this morning. I was in the shower and heard a "THUMP" followed by an oath from [ profile] touchstone and screaming. She was more scared than anything, and as falling off the bed appears to be a right of passage, at least she got it over with fairly painlessly.

Hopefully I get to see a number of friends this weekend. (If not, there's always next weekend. Where did my April weekends go?) See? Just generally lucky.

However lucky I may be, I'm not spoiled! )
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( Mar. 15th, 2006 10:53 am)
It's utterly lovely out, and I'm stuck inside my office. I shake a fist at the cruelty of life. Today is a much better day than yesterday. Yesterday was a Bad Mommy Day(tm) in which both children were conspiring to drive me insane. tLD woke up cranky after being cranky for the entire night. The Kit, although adorable, was in constant Identification Mode ("car? Car? CAR?" "Yes, Kit; it's a car." "Car. Car. Car? Car? CAR?" and repeat) for both drives to and fron the babysitter. I was in dire need of some quiet time, and it just wasn't happening.

However, I managed to get the sproglings home without driving into the concrete barrier out of frustration and handed tLD over to [ profile] touchstone. The Kit, once home, was perfectly content to wander around and play. tLD, once handed over, was equally content. And I got to go run. Thirty minutes of exercise later, I was in a vastly improved mood.

Dinner last night was fabulous -- both food and company -- (all hail [ profile] lightbearer for his lovely corned beef), and once tLD fell asleep, [ profile] touchstone shooed me outside again for some quiet time. Everything was illuminated by the gigantic full moon, and nothing was stirring. It was so quiet I could hear the sounds of the creek some hundred yards away. I stood in the moonlight, sipped some irish whiskey and generally relaxed. After about ten minutes, I went back into the house and curled up to read.

Much much better.

And then today I got my teeth cleaned. Zesty, minty fresh teeth!

(also, go eat a tasty animal for PETA today!)
Aside from a few stress factors, the SI event seemed to go remarkably well this past weekend. I even have a bit of floon for the next game. Whoot. The two modules I ran went smoothly enough, and folks seemed to have a good time. I had fun with the NPCs I played, and I got to come home in time for tLD's mid-night feeding. All in all, a most excellent time.

As a side note. Should I ever win the lottery, I will be constructing my house around items found at Architectural Accents because they are just that cool. I wist.
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( Mar. 10th, 2006 09:13 am)
Weather last night was amazing -- wind and rain and thunder; it was everything that I love best about spring storms. I got to play in the wind for a little bit and was going to do more, but it started just pouring. While this won't always keep me inside, last night seemed more like a night to stay inside and watch. Still, fabulous weather. This morning was even better. Everything was washed clean by the rain; the sky was a beautiful blue, and the clouds were fluffy, and it was a fabulous drive into work.

Work started with a slight touch of stress, but it seems to have settled back down. Fridays are always somewhat hectic, and this one seems even more so for some reason.

It'll be a good day. I'm convinced of it.
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( Mar. 1st, 2006 09:36 am)
State of Work )

State of the Social Life )

State of the Lilisonna )

State of the State )

State of tLD )

Summary: Work = good. Social life = busy. Me = Happier. Weather = Beautiful. Baby = cute.
Primal scream behind the cut. )

Much better. Now, where was I?

Oh yes. A good day today, all things considered. There is a low hanging stress cloud looming on the horizon, but right now my perspective is such that the cloud is backlight by the sun and is glowing that pretty silver/gold color around the edges and really doesn't look all that bad from where I'm sitting.

Last night we introduced (or rather, I introduced as [ profile] touchstone was safely out of the radius) tLD to the Big Bathtub. I'd started her in her usual tub-in-a-tub place, but she was frustrated by her inability to sit up and reach for things. I was frustrated by the mini-tub, so I banished it. And then there was WATER! everywhere! tLD discovered that if you smack your hand into the water, there is a splash. This was fantastic. Poor Bella. Bella usually watches any bathing activity as a matter of course, but not this time. As soon as the splashing started, the cat fled.

The Georgia legislative session is starting up again. I'm thinking I'm going to begin posting commentary on the bills introduced by the Senate (with occasional ones by the House) as a matter of course. This could be fun.

In-laws are in town starting tomorrow. Unlike many folks, I am blessed with in-laws that I actually like seeing. They'll be here for the weekend during which time we'll do...something. Stuff. We will go to the aquarium on Monday, but beyond that? Surely something will come up. Really this town needs tourist attractions beyond Fish and Strippers. Ah well. At least we now have fish.
(Super-bonus points to anyone who knows that song lyric.)

Better. I should know better than to try and muck with my schedule on short notice. It throws my entire day into a tailspin of doom. Yesterday...well, it was bad. All bad, no good (except for cider, Chinese, friends and Bailey's) very bad.

However. tLD slept well last night (only waking once to eat) and was in a happy-bouncy-baby mood this morning. The cats were cute and curled up on our feet last night. My husband brought me Bailey's before I went to bed. My schedule this morning was normal (although I predictably failed to get up to lift weights), and I had several brilliant ideas while in the car this morning. So. Better morning.
Just one of those Death of a Thousand Paper Cuts sorts of days.


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