My outfit for the upcoming in-play wedding has arrived. It is fabulous and awesome, and I am delighted with it.

Yesterday, my jujitsu teacher ambushed us with a jujitsu test. We hadn't had one in ages, so it was high-time for one, but I was completely Not Prepared. And not in the sense of not being ready for jujitsu part -- that was okay. However, I didn't have sufficient hair-bands. I grabbed my older black tops instead of my all-white uniform... Ah well. I didn't realize that I was testing until half-way through when I saw the line of belts sitting in the back of the dojo. But I passed! I'm now an advanced student in both Karate and Jujitsu. My next belt level in each is brown, and then black belt test!

Progress is being made on the house. We've got a brand new sink installed (thanks, Shadow!) and are working on the doors that need replacing. Once that's all done, we'll tackle the garage, straighten, and then we're pretty well set. Huzzah!

The Rat and I are starting to record some of our singing as well. We sound pretty good! It's weird hearing us together, but I'm pleased with the results.
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( Jun. 8th, 2009 09:51 am)
Still somewhat low on spoons, so my posting is limited.

Good weekend! The Rat watched over tLD while I went to jujitsu and karate class ( Karate was first, and it's warm in the studio now that it's June. So, by the time jujitsu rolled around, the uniform was sticky. Highly sticky. And then the instructor decided it would be an all wrestling class. I stuck to the floor; I stuck to my partner; I stuck to myself. And sensai is saying things like "Track! Flow! Smooth transitions" while I'm thinking "How the hell can I flow when I'm glued in place by sweaty canvas?") and then I took the Bitling to the zoo afterward.

Parakeets! The zoo has a new parakeet enclosure where you can go in, buy a seedstick and then go feed parakeets. They'll land on your stick and nibble seeds until they're gone. It's really really cool, and I say this as someone who didn't used to like birds.

Sunday was the "Little Pirate Mermaid" puppet show which had a somewhat corny script, but an utterly astounding set. (Seriously corny. The evil pirates become good and helpful pirates that give lost starfish directions, clean trash off of desert islands, and sing Kum-ba-Arrrr! Really.) The kids loved it, so definite win there.

We finished off the weekend with a good solid sparring session followed by pizza and light goobing. Must spar more so as to stay ahead of the curve.

I also managed, with help, to answer questions to several things that had been bugging me, and I mowed the yard. Huzzah!
Each year the time comes around again
When those who heed the call, sit down
And scribe their thoughts in blank verse form.

My wrists still hurt; therefore this must
be short. But things continue as they have.

In martial arts, I've earned applause - well
done; I'm Student of the Week, you see.
Some thanks are due (although it galls me some)
to Black Knight for my wrestling skills; that brown
belt never stood a chance. I won that match.

This rest is nothing but a list of things
to do and due before the weekend's game.
For Zoe's Veggie stew, a shopping list
I'll write. And find the site for touch-a-truck.
Make my swords and write out tags tonight.
Do a full-out list for what to pack,
and wash all clothes: the neverending chore.
In general, yesterday was good. The day was beautiful, I was working at home, and Karate class went really really well. But man, my kitchen Brownie haaaated me yesterday.

The bread I was making would not rise for love, money or tears. The lamb that I cooked didn't actually get done, so I had to make emergency alterations to it five minutes before dinner. The frozen broccoli that I was going to cook turned out to be just plain bad (I'm guessing freezer burn, or possibly alien laser beams), and while cleaning up I splashed dirty water all over me, the kitchen counter and the floor. Luckily the cleaners come today, and while they don't work for just milk, it is similar to brownie-magic. I leave a check; I have a clean house when I get home. Magic.

Martial arts classes are going really well. Our usual sensei is testing for his third degree black belt in December, so the head of the school is doing more of the day classes. He's been very positive in his comments -- particularly on my hook-kick which was the bane of my existence for the longest time. Getting compliments is nice. Getting compliments from the head of the school is fabulous.

Alright. Work now.
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( May. 6th, 2008 01:50 pm)
Note to self: do not walk into the punch. BLOCK the punch. Much better approach.

I'm going to have one hell of a shiner tomorrow.


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