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( Oct. 15th, 2009 11:48 am)
I've just had the urge to pick up either the Gap series, Angry Candy, or G.R.R. Martin. This rain has GOT to go. I'm gloomy and gray and listless, and I want sunshine.

King's Gate was excellent, but awful at the same time. Luckily, distance is retaining the excellent and filtering out the horror as my character processes everything that happened. The Pack seemed to live in a little bubble of horror; everyone else apparently had a fairly upbeat and happy event. These folks should tell me about things.

Doctor's appointment this past Friday went well. I have "generous" acid reflux, but nothing really that's cause for too much concern.
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( Jul. 20th, 2006 12:28 pm)
Primary election results are in; I'll be going through the candidates for the actual election over the next couple of months. Our first stroll through Georgia candidates will features the two opponents for Insurance Commissioner -- look for this in the next couple of days.
Mundane updates follow. )
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( May. 16th, 2006 12:56 pm)
Good weekend. Stiff and sore, but pretty darned pleased with how well it all came out.

Baffled by a statistic I read earlier today: Nearly 50% of all 4-6 year olds in the USA have a television in their bedroom.

Clearly I just don't understand the pervasiveness of television.

Can I fall over now?
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( Jan. 24th, 2006 12:45 pm)
Well, I want to sleep. tLD has other ideas, alas.

Solid event. Not Best Ever, but solid. At some point, when it is all over, I will shake people and demand answers from them about what they were thinking, but not until then.

Tired. Really really tired. Luckily, tLD is cute at 3:00 am when she doesn't want to sleep, so her parents don't kill her.

There is a pile of laundry the size of a small car sitting in our bedroom. Doing laundry would be easier if there were more time spent at home. Ah well.


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