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( Feb. 18th, 2008 09:52 am)
It was a really good weekend. Gaming on Saturday was a great deal of fun, and no one died. Huzzah.

On Sunday, we took the Bit and Kit to the Zoo in the morning so they could run off their energy before we tested out the symphony. They had a blast at the zoo. The Bit declared that she wanted to see the snakes and the crocodile, so we hit the reptile house for a while. We also saw (and heard) the lion -- "Kit? If you climb over the fence, the lion will eat you." "Don't want him to eat me!" "Then don't climb over the fence." "Oh." -- and just generally had fun.

Afterwards, we took the girls to their first symphony. The ASO does family-friendly concerts every so often, and this round was Peter and the Wolf. The girls did great. Both of them really liked it, and if they were a little rambunctious, they were just as well behaved as the rest of the audience. (We do need to find a quieter way for the Bit to ask questions.) The movie for Peter and the Wolf wasn't the standard Disney version; it was a stop-motion movie set in a somewhat dark modern Russia. The folks who greeted us were very concerned that we understood that it wasn't the Disney version and that the duck gets eaten. They were afraid the kiddos would be traumatized by this.

The children were utterly unconcerned by the eating of the duck. tLD was much more worried about the wolf being put into the cage, and making sure it got out again. Both girls seemed to like the movie, and they both adored the Rimsky-Korsakov piece at the beginning.

We then came home, had thai food, put the Bit to bed early, and collapsed. Good weekend. Huzzah.
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( Oct. 5th, 2007 03:25 pm)
So, last night we asked the Little Darkling what she wanted to be for Halloween. Since this whole "dressing up" thing was new to her, we pre-narrowed her choices down to three: dinosaur, Uniqua, or pirate. I was honestly expecting her to go for the Uniqua option as it's one of her favorite characters, but she decided most firmly that she wanted to be a pirate.

Of course, having decided this, she wanted to dress up as a pirate RIGHT NOW. Then the coon-kit decided that she needed to be piratical RIGHT NOW. As making preschoolers walk the plank is still illegal in this state, I choose to do my best to outfit them with as much piratey stuff as I had on hand. Alas, this wasn't much.

I managed a head-wrap/bandanna-ish thing for the Bit, but both she and the kit insisted that pirates wear eye-patches. Do you know how hard it is to come up with an impromptu eye-patch that will fit a pre-schooler? I wound up cutting out some stuff from cloth, poking holes into it and tying it off with some green leather lacing that we had lying around. It worked. The sproglings were delighted with their eye patches and insisted on wearing them while eating dinner. Only the iron-foot of the Evil Parents kept them from wearing them into bath.

I think she's got the hang of dress-up now.
It was a Good evening.

Instead of having to work until the wee hours, my code cooperated and let me leave only a little bit late. It was late enough that traffic wasn't awful, so I got home only marginally later than I normally do. [ profile] touchstone was just getting the children into the house, so I missed very little time with either of them. And then, tLD and the Kit were both on their best of cute behaviors tonight. Kit spent much of the time running circles around the house while asking the adults to "catch me!" while tLD looked on and giggled.

At some point, the Kit asked for "b'gman!" which [ profile] touchstone was required to sing for her. I came into the kitchen to see my husband chopping apples in time while the Kit and tLD were bouncing around the kitchen, dancing happily away to the music. They were both entertained when Mom/Aunt Lilisonna joined in the dancing. At some point in there, I think tLD actually managed a real jump, but it's hard to say.

There was exceedingly tasty chili bubbling on the stove when I got in, a good (if overly brief) chat with [ profile] outlawcoon as she picked up the Kit, and then a run.

Somewhere on my late night run through the light-bedecked neighborhood, I got slammed by Holiday Cheer. The lights were just so damned happy that I couldn't help but smile. Even the godawful tacky red and green flashing ones...well, they make someone happy, and while it's tempting to go around putting tacky-rating cards in people's mailboxes, eh. The person who put them up must get some measure of joy out of them, and that really is the important thing. Even the oh-my-god-do-they-really-make-that Nascar Santa inflatable lawn ornament got a smile.

It's still not a perfect season. There are holes in the holiday this year, and there's sorrow there. But as I'm sitting here sipping on the last of the Irish whiskey, I'm at least feeling some measure of holiday happiness.


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