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( May. 1st, 2007 09:32 am)
In our mailbox the other day, we received a soliciation for a new mortgage from Solstice Capital. It's one of the sleazier offers we've gotten, and I thought I would take the time to share some of the more infuriating bits.

It arrived in the standard plain brown envelope marked with "Urgent" stickers. By this point in my life, if anyone ever does send me something actually urgent, I pity them because I'm going to assume it's junk mail and ignore it. But eventually I open it up and find an apparent single sheet of paper with a pseudo-check one one side, and the following letter on the other:

Dear [ profile] lilisonna,
I have good news! Assuming you have accumulated debts in addition to the mortgage obtained for $145,000.00, you could qualify for a unique opportunity. Here is our simple offer: combine your mortgage and other debts PLUS get an additional $45,000.00 cash in hand for a new payment of $950.00. If this amount is lower than your combined payments, please call us immediately.

(All numbers changed.)

It goes on for another few paragraphs and gives you all the fabulous benefits of refinancing and includes a post script that the program can cover a wide range of credit histories and "special situations" including bad credit of all types.

Only upon close examination did I figure out that the one sheet was actually not just a front and back page, but was actually four pages. It opened up, but there was a little bit of glue holding the pages together. Inside, they had stashed all of the disclaimers and legalese that actually made up the terms of the loan.

Let's look at that, shall we?

Some of our customers have qualified for this example loan...available to individuals with excellent credit histories (approximately the top tenth of our approved applicants). This example loan is based on a first mortgage refinance 2/28 Adjustable Rate Mortgage loan with an interest-only payment feature, a loan-to-value ratio of 80%%, and 2.09$ origination points. The monthly repayment example is based on 360 payments (with the disclosed payment being the initial interest-only payment of $950.00...examples assume that a prepayment penalty option is selected. ..

And now I begin to froth. Of course, I'm not sure if I should be frothing against the lender -- who are clearly being slimy and sleazy -- or against the idiots who would look at this and think that it's a good idea. I want to shake someone until their teeth rattle, and maybe I shouldn't limit that to just one such someone.

So, there was a weekend, and the weekend was good. We started early on Thursday with a visit from [ profile] forestblend and [ profile] smiths_hammer for Thai and chatter. In an amazing miracle, we managed to get the Bit asleep at a reasonable hour and thus even got in some baby-free conversation time. I will say that it's an odd position, being a parent with a number of non-parent friends; I worry that I talk too much about the Bit sometimes. It's tricky to strike the right balance between entertaining children stories and boring your friends to death. I think I manage this, and I'm fairly confident that our friends would tell us to shut the hell up already, but it remains a nagging worry in the back of my head.

Friday was? Nothing much as far as I can remember. Saturday, I woke up in a mood to Clean The House before the blizzard of evening parties. [ profile] touchstone mowed the lawn while I cleared out some of the flower beds, and we did general mild yardwork for the afternoon. My mom dropped off our Tree in the afternoon, leaving us just enough time to get it up and watered before it was time to get ready for the office party. For an office Holiday Party, it was remarkably good. It still left me feeling somewhat tired and anti-social, so it was up to [ profile] touchstone to talk me into heading off to the Friend's Party. We wound up having a fantastic time, so I'm glad that he did. Lots of fun, many friends, and a level of comfort with those friends that's just really amazing to me.

Things were a touch off though; there's a nagging lack as [ profile] outlawcoon and [ profile] sulleniguana are still out of town. I wish there were more that I could do in that regard, but alas.

Sunday was House Decoration Day. After we got up and got the Bit back from my mother, we decorated the yard and lazed about. There are still a few things that we want to do -- a big bow for the front door and some garlands -- but all of the bushes are now sporting lights. the Bit was a bit fussy during the early evening, so we took her on a tour of the neighborhood to look at all the lights. She was delighted, and cheered up enough that we were able to get the lights and the cranberry strings onto our tree. We'll finish decorating it tonight and get the SullenCoon tree up as well.

Good weekend. Alas, it left me feeling vaguely fuzzled this morning -- like I'd had a vacation of a sorts. That's good, but it made coming back to work hard.

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( Jul. 20th, 2006 12:28 pm)
Primary election results are in; I'll be going through the candidates for the actual election over the next couple of months. Our first stroll through Georgia candidates will features the two opponents for Insurance Commissioner -- look for this in the next couple of days.
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Aside from a few stress factors, the SI event seemed to go remarkably well this past weekend. I even have a bit of floon for the next game. Whoot. The two modules I ran went smoothly enough, and folks seemed to have a good time. I had fun with the NPCs I played, and I got to come home in time for tLD's mid-night feeding. All in all, a most excellent time.

As a side note. Should I ever win the lottery, I will be constructing my house around items found at Architectural Accents because they are just that cool. I wist.


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