With the coming of the Inflatable Santa Clauses, the Rule of Three no longer quite covers all Outdoor Lighting possibilities. I now offer you the expanded list of Christmas Decoration Categories

Beyond Colorful, Numerous and Tasteful )
My X is in town along with his wife, and so [livejournal.com profile] touchstone and I are going to join them for dinner this evening. They're staying with his parents while they're in town, so we're going to join them for dinner at his parents house. I find myself having a most curious reaction in which I am feeling intimidated by the prospect of dining with his mother.

There's no reason for this reaction save for some lingering high school terror of Your Boyfriend's Mother, and I fully suspect that it will vanish as soon as I get to say hello. (Well, okay. There's also the fact that in high school I was terribly self-conscious and curiously aware/unaware of class issues, but that's an entire nother posting.)

I suspect this may also be a master-class move in I-Want-Grandchildren jujitsu of Maternal guilt. Inviting your son's ex-girlfriend, her husband and her 16 month old daughter over to dinner with your son and your daughter-in-law is bound to be a move that can inspire grandchildren conversations for months.

Still, should be fun despite the lingering High School memories.
tLD is wearing her St. Patrick's Day shirt. It's a tee-shirt with shamrocks that reads "Party. My crib. 2:00AM" in green. Most of it is covered up by her coveralls, but we took pictures this morning of her in just the tee-shirt so we can show her off.

Looking forward to a fabulous weekend after a fairly good week. Not the best week ever, but it's been fairly low key which is always appreciated.

When coming in to work this morning, I stopped off at our local donut shop to pick up 2 dozen donuts for our Friday Breakfast Club group. The store is owned and operated almost entirely by folks of some unknown but clearly first generation Middle Eastern descent. The sole exception is a young black guy.

The woman ahead of me chastisted them for not wearing green. And then after chastisting them, she then said, "Oh wait! There's a little green on your uniform logo. That's okay then."
Sometimes I worry that our entire civilization will vanish overnight and only leave the strange pseudo-philosophical writings found on hippy-organic teas and fortune cookies. Future generations will unearth these odd sayings and conclude that we were all a bunch of nut-cases. Of course, they might be right.

Wrapping up/Unwrapping Christmas )

Tonight we'll take down the (very very dead) tree and put away all the Christmas stuff until next year. Next year should be fun. Marie will be in the mid-twos which is a great time to be a kid at Christmas, and tLD will be old enough that she'll at least be able to unwrap present and participate in Christmas dinner.

I think I'll try to call my cousin tonight and see how he's doing.


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