Sunday is Dinner Prep Day. Normally I let it pass without comment (because who really cares about my weekly dinner menu?) but tonight's effort was particularly valorous. Tonight, the Shakespearean Rat and I engaged the kitchen in a battle to the death and emerged victorious.

Our fallen foes:
  • Pork cutlets - trimmed fat, sliced into serving-sized portions, froze;
  • Whole chickens - skinned, trimmed fat, cut into pieces, frozen for Thursday;
  • Chicken Thighs - skinned, covered in BBQ sauce, baked for Wednesday;
  • Shrimp - peeled and deveined; frozen for next week
  • Prepped meatloaf - diced a ton of veggies, mixed up sausage, veggies, ground beef, frozen to be cooked on Friday;
  • Kale and Canneloni over Spaghetti Squash/Spaghetti - for Tuesday;
  • Cooked artichokes for some day this week;
  • Artichoke and Red Bell Pepper Tilapi - for Tomorrow;
  • Roasted Turnips for Tomorrow;
  • Sweetwater Blue - opened for tonight.
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( Apr. 26th, 2008 07:43 am)
I've been trying to put up a decent post for the past week or so and have failed utterly. Instead, I'll just do what I can.

King's Gate was fun. I remain baffled and slightly frightened by the mysterious property of divinatory tools (tarot cards, rune stones, etc) once they enter into a game setting.

We're working on potty training the Bit. Fingers crossed, it seems to be going fairly well. There was a bit of a rough patch in the beginning, but we look to be over that. Really, I'll take the occasional rare accident in exchange for not having to change diapers. (Speaking of which, anyone need toddler sized cloth diapers? Prefolds; nothing fancy.)

Have a lovely dinner to celebrate [ profile] lightbearer's birthday (and [ profile] sulleniguana's as well indirectly) at a really tasty Spanish place in midtown. Mmm, sangria.

Not much beyond that. I'm looking at a really busy (but fun!) couple of next weekends and wondering when we'll ever get the yard mowed. Ah well.

Maybe more later. We'll try.
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( Mar. 5th, 2007 12:23 pm)
Parents: Frustrating. Helpful, but frustrating.

Serenbe Community: yippie! (and destined to be a ghost town in 15 years). I'm not going to pay $300K for 800 square feet of space in the middle of nowhere no matter how Green and Eco it is.

Serenbe Farmhouse Food: Very very tasty. Fish yummy, ice cream tasty, potato&leek soup fantastic.

Serenbe Farmhouse Service: Cute. Endearing. Watching small-town Georgians try and figure out how to serve upscale cuisine was both sweet and entertaining.

Jury Duty: There must be somewhat to make this better.

Spamalot: Hysterical. A classic lesson in why one should dress nicely for the theater.
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( Feb. 14th, 2007 09:50 pm)
I actually went out to dinner on Valentine's day for what may be the first time ever. Alas, my husband is in a different state, but I was at least eating with my in-laws. It was...actually kinda sweet. The resturant brought me and my mother-in-law a rose each (careful, [ profile] outlawcoon; I thought of you) with our appetizers, and there were Sweethearts on the table when we arrived. I always like seeing my husband's family, so it was quite happy.

Dinner was fried oyster stew (amazing), pumpkin ravioli (outstanding) and a brownie (tasty). I also snagged a pomegrante martini just to try one. It was good and probably far more deadly than it tasted. Generally a happy and pleasant evening.

Still, I miss my home family. Two more nights.

(Also? The pink has got to go.)
Going to DC today. Pray that the weather gods are kind.

Dinner last night at Rumi's Kitchen with the rest of Team Darkling. We were all apparently Too White for our appetizer orders. One of the staff commented on our choices as being very "authentic". As all the of appetizers were out of this world tasty, I think I can live with that. Ordering required a little dodging around lentils, lemon juice and nuts, but we managed well enough.

I ordered the Dolmeh and Lamb Kabobs. Other appetizer orders were for Borani Spinach, Tahdeeg and Mast Mousir with more kabobs, and Ghormeh Sabzi for entrees. Dessert (split five ways because we were all stuffed) was frozen rice noodles with pomegrantes and lime juice. Soooooo tasty. I highly recommend a visit.

And now, I'm going to go start my travel. Wish me luck.
My X is in town along with his wife, and so [ profile] touchstone and I are going to join them for dinner this evening. They're staying with his parents while they're in town, so we're going to join them for dinner at his parents house. I find myself having a most curious reaction in which I am feeling intimidated by the prospect of dining with his mother.

There's no reason for this reaction save for some lingering high school terror of Your Boyfriend's Mother, and I fully suspect that it will vanish as soon as I get to say hello. (Well, okay. There's also the fact that in high school I was terribly self-conscious and curiously aware/unaware of class issues, but that's an entire nother posting.)

I suspect this may also be a master-class move in I-Want-Grandchildren jujitsu of Maternal guilt. Inviting your son's ex-girlfriend, her husband and her 16 month old daughter over to dinner with your son and your daughter-in-law is bound to be a move that can inspire grandchildren conversations for months.

Still, should be fun despite the lingering High School memories.
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( Mar. 19th, 2006 07:36 am)
tLD woke up a little early this morning, and I'm letting [ profile] touchstone have an extra hour of sleep. As such, I have a few minutes while tLD practices her cruising skills to update. Right now she's hanging on to the bookshelf with a very pleased look on her face.

Friday evening, although full of missteps and barely made connections turned out remarkably well. It would have been better for the presence of [ profile] sulleniguana, but he was home with a sleeping baby. Still, we got to see [ profile] luckyphooka and [ profile] sirdrow along with the coon, so it remained a good evening for lazy socializing.

Yesterday morning was a massage that clearly worked out something nasty from my shoulders as I had a lingering hangover-like headache for much of the morning. This morning, however, my shoulders feel fantastic -- a delightful feeling for a change. Then last night we took [ profile] kingfrog and SweetiePie out to Canoe for their (only slightly late) Christmas present. Dinner was delightful. I had pheasant for the first time (which tasted only slightly like chicken), but what I really enjoyed was the cheese-tray appetizer. Oh and dessert. Bread pudding is one of my favorite comfort foods, and this one was very tasty. (Although I could have eaten an entire bowlful of [ profile] touchstone's Guinness ice cream.)

(Side comment for the Hobbit: they gave me a black napkin as well. As far as we can determine, it's based on dark-colored slacks (not jeans or anything similiar) so that you don't wind up with white lint on dark pants. Guys are apparently uninterested in the whole Lint Disaster and are thus exempt from the rule. I will report more on this theory as finances and time allow.)

I was puzzled by one thing. A nearby table of at least twelve had several men (older than I am) wearing baseball caps. Hats. In a restaurant. While I'll grudgingly allow that for some place like McDonald's this is passable, why would you wear a hat to a sit-down restaurant -- much less a really nice restaurant? I shake a fist. Next thing you know, everyone will be wearing white shoes before Easter and civilization as we know it will collapse.


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