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( Mar. 5th, 2007 12:23 pm)
Parents: Frustrating. Helpful, but frustrating.

Serenbe Community: yippie! (and destined to be a ghost town in 15 years). I'm not going to pay $300K for 800 square feet of space in the middle of nowhere no matter how Green and Eco it is.

Serenbe Farmhouse Food: Very very tasty. Fish yummy, ice cream tasty, potato&leek soup fantastic.

Serenbe Farmhouse Service: Cute. Endearing. Watching small-town Georgians try and figure out how to serve upscale cuisine was both sweet and entertaining.

Jury Duty: There must be somewhat to make this better.

Spamalot: Hysterical. A classic lesson in why one should dress nicely for the theater.
Going to DC today. Pray that the weather gods are kind.

Dinner last night at Rumi's Kitchen with the rest of Team Darkling. We were all apparently Too White for our appetizer orders. One of the staff commented on our choices as being very "authentic". As all the of appetizers were out of this world tasty, I think I can live with that. Ordering required a little dodging around lentils, lemon juice and nuts, but we managed well enough.

I ordered the Dolmeh and Lamb Kabobs. Other appetizer orders were for Borani Spinach, Tahdeeg and Mast Mousir with more kabobs, and Ghormeh Sabzi for entrees. Dessert (split five ways because we were all stuffed) was frozen rice noodles with pomegrantes and lime juice. Soooooo tasty. I highly recommend a visit.

And now, I'm going to go start my travel. Wish me luck.
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( Jan. 8th, 2007 10:53 am)
Spent the weekend being lazy and social. Aside from a brief house tidying and budgeting, we did nothing productive. [ profile] touchstone and I dropped the sprogling off for a few hours on Saturday with her grandma while we went and did quiet Us things. Nothing exciting; we went to a bookstore and rented a movie, but it gave us time to have adult conversations without the running sprogling commentary. (I like the running sprogling commentary in general, but there are times when quiet is appreciated.)

I found nothing of interest at the bookstore, alas. I think I'm going to just go back to hard sci-fi in the hopes of getting all this damned chick-lit out of my science-fiction/fantasy section. I blame Hamilton. See, the Anita Blake novels started out really promising. They gave us a facinating new sub-genre of Hardboiled Urban Fantasy; they were great. Then Hamilton started writing porn thinly disguised as her previous sub-genre, and everyone else jumped off the bridge with her. Half of the new books out are Romance novels with Urban Fantasy elements. If I wanted a romance novel, I'd go buy Nora Roberts. She's better at it, and her sex is more interesting. Her sex scenes also don't last for five freaking chapters -- an important point when reading erotica.

Erotica and Sex. )

Anyway, it was still fun. Afterwards we met up with mom and the sprogling to go to dinner. We hit a local seafood resturant that we'd been meaning to try. Turned out to be really good; we'll likely take [ profile] outlawcoon there for her birthday.

Sunday was social day; we spent time with [ profile] suibhne and family, then meandered over to [ profile] twelveoaks and [ profile] speaks for a dinner. We escaped with tLD only melting down a little bit -- huzzah. As an added bonus, she then slept until 5:30. Oh frabjous day.

Weaning. Cut for the uninterested. )

Also, my workplace is babbling about UFOs. It's highly strange.


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