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( Jun. 11th, 2007 01:46 pm)
Took the Bit to the Zoo to get her some outdoor time on Saturday morning before gaming. She had fun; I got a little bit of exercise, so that's all good. We may continue this as a tradition as it makes sitting for the entire afternoon indoors much more pleasant. Got back just in time to pick up [ profile] touchstone before heading to gaming. Gaming went well; we're coming to the last chapter in the second "Book" of the game. Gaming on Saturday went well, so that was good.

I was going to plant some flowers on Sunday morning, but the lack of rain + yellow jacket nest pretty much killed that entire idea. Instead we cleaned up the house and then while the Bit was napping, I watered those plants that were going to die without it. Then in the late afternoon, we took the children over to my mom's house and went out to see Caberet at the Shakespeare Tavern. [ profile] outlawcoon,[ profile] sulleniguana, [ profile] forestblend and [ profile] smiths_hammer joined us.

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This weekend was too damned cold. The blue sky was tempting me to go out and play in the warm spring weather, but the warm spring weather just wasn't there. I did get out for a walk yesterday with the rat and sprogling, but the wind was still pretty biting.

Still, gaming was much fun on Saturday. We wrapped up a year long side-quest with one hell of a fight. No one died, but it was one of the fantastic fights where up until the last monster falls, you aren't sure if it's going to be victory or a TPK. It was a very close shave, and in some ways we were luckier than we deserved. (Of course, the GM also rolled several 20s all in a row, so maybe we weren't that lucky.) Alas, now the Monty Haul portion of the campaign is over. I have to give back my nifty Holy Avenger without ever having swung it once. I sniff.

Spent yesterday pretty much lazing around. Read a book, played with the Bit, even fired up Sim City for a bit. I also cooked Watchchagot Soup which turned out quite well. Whatchagot Soup is a time honored recipe that calls for taking what you've got in the fridge that needs cooking, dumping it into a pot, adding water and cooking for some amount of time. It's like meatloaf only in soup form instead of lump form. Turned out really tasty this time. Sometimes not so much, but this was a good batch.

Does anyone else use a specific dish to absorb fridge leftovers?
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( Feb. 6th, 2006 09:45 am)
It's snowing big fat fluffy happy snowflakes where I am right now. 10 miles south of me is getting rain. It's the pretty kind of snow that doesn't clog roads or do anything but look pretty falling out of the sky. It's also the kind of snow that sent me scurrying to Dunkin Donunts for a large cup of hot coffee because it's just that kind of day. I feel like I should be curling up in bed. As this isn't an option, I'm curling up in my cube as best I can.

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Amusing but somewhat scary Factoid: The Rolling Stones played at the Super Bowl. Apparently they played a song (Satisfaction) that they could have played at teh very first Super Bowl.

Someone needs to tell these guys to retire, already.


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