Sunday is Dinner Prep Day. Normally I let it pass without comment (because who really cares about my weekly dinner menu?) but tonight's effort was particularly valorous. Tonight, the Shakespearean Rat and I engaged the kitchen in a battle to the death and emerged victorious.

Our fallen foes:
  • Pork cutlets - trimmed fat, sliced into serving-sized portions, froze;
  • Whole chickens - skinned, trimmed fat, cut into pieces, frozen for Thursday;
  • Chicken Thighs - skinned, covered in BBQ sauce, baked for Wednesday;
  • Shrimp - peeled and deveined; frozen for next week
  • Prepped meatloaf - diced a ton of veggies, mixed up sausage, veggies, ground beef, frozen to be cooked on Friday;
  • Kale and Canneloni over Spaghetti Squash/Spaghetti - for Tuesday;
  • Cooked artichokes for some day this week;
  • Artichoke and Red Bell Pepper Tilapi - for Tomorrow;
  • Roasted Turnips for Tomorrow;
  • Sweetwater Blue - opened for tonight.
I am pleased to report that my kitchen brownie has returned from vacation. In respect for tradition, I will offer no thanks for the meal that I turned out today, but I will say that it was exceedingly tasty, and that the return of the brownie was a joyful thing. I even managed to make yellow squash into something that I was both willing and pleased to eat -- unheard of as I usually hate the stuff. It was nice having all of the food except the catfish come from our CSA order, and I was happy that the beans I made turned out well.

We'll see if the experimental vegan "cheesecake" turns out. I may be pushing the limits of my kitchen brownie with tofu and soy-milk; I'll have to break out the heavy cream and eggs and make a mousse or something in penance. I doubt that the concoction will be anything like real cheesecake, but I'm fairly confident that it will be a tasty chocolate dessert. At the very least the raw batter went really nicely over strawberries and raspberries, and as it's vegan, I don't have to worry about killing anyone with raw eggs. I'll report back after I've given it a try.


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