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( Jun. 12th, 2006 05:38 pm)
I spent most of last week in a training class for work. At least it was in my office so I still had access to email and such. The bit of excitement happened on Thursday when the power went out in our building. The rest of the office was sent home; we who had laptops and a UPS to power the projector solidered on and finished out the session. There was an unholy chorus of beeping as the UPSies attached to each person's computer slowly gave up the ghost, but they eventually all died and peace returned.

Spent most of the weekend poking about the house. [ profile] touchstone got the garage clean while I entertained the Bit. I got my car cleaned -- a massive undertaking that involved the excavation of several layers of cheerios and rice-chex. My car accumulates stuff. Generally useful stuff, but it also winds up playing host to books, jackets, far too many toys, empty CD cases and other odds and ends. I envy those folks who keep their cars immaculate, and I'm far better at keeping my car neat than my mother (don't ask; no really), but I somehow lack the Clean Car feats necessary for the job. So every so often I go out, pick through all the stuff, put it away and clean the car.

Sunday was Book Club with [ profile] brainella and [ profile] outlawcoon. Twas fun! This book club thing seems nifty, and it's an excellent way to expand my reading list. Otherwise I tend to get stuck in a rut and never seek out new authors.

Oh, and tLD is walking. Well, tottering. She's managed to cross about three or four total feet going from me to [ profile] touchstone or back. She's even managing to stop and then start again, although she still prefers crawling as it's faster. Once she figures out that walking makes it easier to carry her books around, there's going to be no stopping her.
Last night, my dreams clearly wanted me to have won the lottery. I had a very long, very detailed dream about climbing into a Ferrari and then driving off. It was cobalt blue and very very sexy.
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( Apr. 5th, 2006 11:46 am)
Car died. No clutch. Very sad. Frantic morning made worse by a dead car and a last minute car swap. Thank gods for good friends.

Children delivered. Made it to work roughly on time. Blaaargh.
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( Jan. 30th, 2006 09:38 am)
On Friday, we were possibly going to go out to see a movie, but I was tired and babysitter plans never quite congealed. So we stayed home. And did laundry.

On Saturday, we went to renew our First Aid and CPR certifications from the Red Cross. Starting at 8:30 and going until past 6:30, the class was good but very very long. We muddled through however, and now have the shiny papers to prove that we're certified for another year. Go us. We then took my mother out to dinner and came home. And did laundry.

On Sunday, we went car shopping. [ profile] touchstone's car got totalled in a wreck a couple of weeks ago. They had originally hoped to repair it, but after removing the bumper, the body shop discovered Badness in the form of a busted frame and loosened engine clamps. So, new car. We also did more laundry and I got a massage. Yay, massage.

We wanted a hybrid generally, and were interested in the Ford Escape, the Honda Civic and the Honda Accord. The Civic has a month long waiting list; the Accord isn't out yet, and the Escape was ready to go. We test drove the Escape, went home, poked about on the web to figure out options and then went back and bought the Escape. I'm still twitching slightly about the price (for some reason, I feel that cars should cost no more than $10K) but it fits what we need and wanted, so it's all good.

So. Productive weekend. Laundry is finished. Car is bought. CPR is certified. Go us.


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