Some few weeks ago, [ profile] sulleniguana and [ profile] outlawcoon watched the Bit while [ profile] touchstone and I went to my Corporate Holiday Cheer. For dinner, they served her "spicy soup with lots and lots of vegetables." Apparently they also added kiddie crack, because the Bit hasn't stopped asking for the soup since.

The final straw came last night when tLD announced that she wanted to be the Mommy, and I should be her child. Playing along, I said, "Okay, Mommy. What's for dinner?" And she said, "Well Child, we're having spicy soup. There will be lots of vegetables in it. It's the best soup."

I yield. [ profile] outlawcoon, could you please send me your recipe for spicy soup with lots and lots of vegetables so that I may regain some cooking cred with my daughter?
This afternoon when the Bit woke blearily from her nap, she said to me, "There is cake. I want pie. Or cake" Somewhat befuddled by this, I told her that we'd eaten all of the pie. She said, "I have cake." When asked if this was a dream, she told me most firmly that it was real. There was cake. She was going to have some.

Eventually, we went out to dinner to one of our favorite restaurants. The Bit asked (nicely) for hush-puppies as soon as we sat down, and then proceeded to devour hush-puppies, shrimp and veggies. However, as she was wrapping up dinner, she asked for her cake. After a bit of silent debate between [ profile] touchstone and myself (and it is a curious thing how well one can have a silent debate after 12+years of dating&marriage), we conceded the cake and summoned our server.

The Bit was offered a choice of the following: key lime pie, pecan pie, chocolate cake, cheese cake, coconut cake and one other cake. She picked the chocolate, and said as the server walked off, "There was lots of different cakes! But only two types of pie!"

When the cake arrived, her eyes got enormous, and she looked like someone who had peeked over the edge of chocolate heaven and found that it was good. She nearly challenged her father to a duel when he tried to take the cake from the server to split it. (It was an enormous slice of cake which she was not going to get to eat all by herself.)

As we were leaving the restaurant, she said to me, "See! I told you there was cake."
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( Dec. 19th, 2007 07:58 pm)
I think my daughter just tried out her first lie. It wasn't a very GOOD lie, and she's still working on that whole untruthfulness thing, but there was a definate hint of misdirection.

*clink* *clink* -- the distinctive noise of tLD playing with the wine bottles
Me: BIT! What are you doing?
tLD: I'm okay.
Me: Yes, but what were you doing?
tLD: I didn't hurt myself. [ed: we have told her not to play with the bottles because she might get hurt or break them.]
Dad: Yes, but what were you doing?
tLD: I need a hug!
Dad: Bit? What were you doing?
tLD: I wasn't doing anything with the bottles.


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