Sense8 Discussions Ahead. Spoilers for the whole series likely!

You've been warned.

So, I have a lot of thoughts on this particular show, and I'm not sure how many of them are connected or even coherent. As such, what follows is mostly a set of bullet point discussion paragraphs that may not have any particular theme other than SO MUCH LOVE.

First off, I'd like to acknowledge that most of what the reviews have been saying are completely true: Sense8 is slow and disjointed. It's telling a sprawling story, juggling a ton of characters, and the main plot is mostly hidden. The reveals and explanations, when they happen at all, are much later in a 'season' than one would normally expect, and don't always make a lot of sense.

For example, I give a super side-eye to Jonas' explanation that the Sensate are different species. I'm hoping that he's just Plain Wrong there because genetics are a THING that exist, y'all.

That said, Do Not Care. Not in the least. Not one bit. I want to know everything about every one of these characters. I could watch Lito, Hernado and Dani for hours and hours. (Reminder: I need fanfic about these three so very very much.) I want to know what happens to all of them -- even the secondary and tertiary ones -- and I want them all to win. (Well, okay, I don't want Whispers to win, but I do want his backstory. What's up with him? Is he lying? Telling the truth? Why is he doing what he's doing?)

It's telling, I think, that I have a hard time picking a favorite character from the cluster. If you make me expand to favorite character in the series, I'll just melt down. Hernando is amazingly awesome (and deliciously played; the actor does a fantastic job of conveying character beats when not saying anything.) Dani's fabulous; Felix is awful and stupid, but should be. I love the fact that Rajan, even though we're clearly meant to think he's Not Right for Kala, seems to actually be a good guy who one might normally root for. I mean, seriously, Kala. I get the whole lack of chemistry thing, but he's smart, rich, seems sincere, adores you...and you're falling for Wulfgang who, while awesome, is deeply deeply messed up. You might want to think about what got you to this stage in your life.

And while we're on Kala, can I just mention how much I love her family? Her dad is the best, and I want a Sensate Family Reunion fic where Kala's dad and Neeta's Mom just hang out for a while.

I love Sun. She's got so many good scenes, but I particularly love her when contrasted with Capheus. Admittedly this may be because of her delicious and delightful take down of the people opposing Capheus in the last episode, but there's also a great tension between his delightful joy (I'm in an airplane? You can see the tops of clouds!) and her controlled fury. (Call me a bitch one more time...) Capheus...he flipped a car! On purpose! And faces up to things because it's the right thing to do. (His mom is awesome as well.) He steals fewer of the scenes than Sun, but that's partially because his sheet delight in the situation means that more things seem to slide off of him and into this sense of reflected joy.

Riley started off as probably my least favorite (but still loved!) of the eight, and then I got slammed with her backstory, and holy-shit. If I had lived her life, I would be on SO MANY ILLEGAL DRUGS that I'd never walk again. I spent at least a quarter of the final episode hidden behind a pillow because NOPE! That's not something I was up to seeing on the screen. NOPE.

Wulfgang has a similar trajectory, and oh my god, the scene with Lito and Wulfgang! (Also, Lito and Will "We had sex; remember?" was great, although I think the 8 probably need to have a talk about how to work that because being at work and suddenly being in an orgy is eventually going to have some super-confusing problems.) Lito lying like crazy just so Wulfgang can then kill /everyone/ made me delightfully happy -- and was a great tie in to Lito taking over for Will. (Although I will admit that my favorite 'take over' was Will giving Wulfgang the steering wheel when playing chicken with the helicopter.)

Also, let's talk about Neeta who is down for the "Best Girlfriend Ever" award, and I'm super-delighted by her and Nomi. I'm sure she's got some flaw somewhere, but seriously! She broke Nomi out of the hospital, rolled with everything, set up the Dying Porche (poor car; seriously; why did you do that?) and was just generally awesome.

Anyway, I will now stop gushing about the characters and move on to other things that I loved.

Someone mentioned disliking the violence and the sex - or at least thought that it could have been toned down some. I'm not sure. One of the things that I think helped sell the whole 'we're in each other's heads' thing was the vivid imagery of the series. Toning down the violence would have taken that away somewhat. (Also, this could only have been done for Netflix. I'm not even sure HBO would have gone for full shots of childbirth.)

I'm hoping that it gets a second season -- and up through the fifth because that would be awesome. I'm really hoping that it finds a super-active fan base somewhere so I can have All the Fan Fic about it.

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