June 20th, Late Evening
Perhaps this is why I have never felt called towards elevation to Life. Watching Pyracantha and Fredrick wrestle with various parts of their theology makes me appreciate the straightforward tenants of Fire. I admit that I am grateful that I do not have Vampires coming to me and seeking sanctuary because they have been threatened by the other clans in the city. I am inclined towards Life, so I am rather more inclined towards Pyracantha's "Kill them all" approach - and I recognize how silly that sounds - when it comes to the undead, but I am also glad I don't feel as compelled to go out hunting them.

I wish I understood more of the absolute nature of the Vampire. Are they compelled towards evil such that they cannot be otherwise? Is it possible for a vampire of any nature to be other than evil? Is it the nature of the magic that animates them that causes such? Perhaps one night when it's a little less immediately relevant, I will ask Jeremian, Fredrick and Geoffrey to debate this so I can listen. Tonight's discussion really doesn't count as it was more pressing. I think speaking to Mir Dikat is the wise choice of action; we do not have the authority to make such a decision for the city.

In any case, we have learned some of what will be facing us for the Yuanti fight. The dragon has three heads. Three heads. I consider that to be a bit of overkill. Still it is good to know what we will be facing.

June 21
Today was a day of many meetings. When I left Hyrrule, I did not think that I would ever be attending a dawn breakfast meeting with one of the leaders of a major city. All I can say is that I am grateful for my ring; not having it would mean that I would be much less prepared for such a thing. Rising with the dawn is all well and good. Rising with the dawn and needing to engage in useful conversation is entirely a different matter. There are days when I wish that I could rise with the sun, go down to the forge and do simple work on nails as I did at my father's shop. But such activity did not require me to be formally dressed or diplomatic. Nails don't care about diplomacy.

After dining with Mir Dicket and turning the entire matter of the vampires over to her, we had the rather large meeting with the Silver Tower to discuss our assault on the Yuanti forces. I am not a tactician, but I believe we have a workable plan that everyone can follow. Sometimes simple is best. We also have the support of the Firkin and Dicket houses. I believe this will work well. Fire grant us victory tomorrow.

June 22nd,
The Hero's Feast spell makes me smile every time I sit down to eat it. It was clearly designed by someone who appreciated their food. This could have simply been a spell that touched everyone in an area, or who wore a specific ring or who breathed in a certain incense for some period of time. There are many variations that would have worked to grant the same effect. But instead the designer of the spell chose to provide a lavish spread of food - all quite wonderful - that the participants must linger over to gain the benefits. (Geoffrey tells me that the lingering part means that the spell is easier to cast or can be of a lower level? Still, I stand by my statement.)

We are now readying to step into the Teleport circle so that we can begin this fight. Fire watch over us as we seek to keep Cleven's people safe.
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