Good weekend. Busy, but good. We're attempting to be more regular attendees at our local Unitarian church; this makes the third Sunday in a row that we've managed to get out of the house and be at church on time. It won't always be this consistent, but we're trying to establish the routine while we can.

Also spent a decent amount of time doing other productive stuff. I have a new, working keyboard that is much kinder to my hands. The job search continues -- albeit more slowly than I would like. Anyone know of any QA or Business Analyst positions in the Atlanta area?

And of course, I made a menu plan:
Monday: Duck in Dark Sauce, couscous, aparagus, salad
Tuesday: Stir Fry
Wednesday: Tuniscan Vegetable Stew
Thursday: BBQ Chicken, Butternut Squash, Broccoli, Rice
Friday: Boiled Shrimp, Brussel Sprouts, Salad, Quinoa
Saturday/Sunday: Quesadillas at some point
Monday: Curried Rabbit/Turkey, Cabbage&Onions, Acorn Squash
Tuesday:Wild Duck Soup, Salad, cauliflower w/ scallions
Wednesday: Cajun Skillet Beans
Thursday: At Casa Diaz
Friday: Couscous Paella

Duck -- and I know this; everyone knows this -- has an astounding amount of fat. I stripped off most of the skin (not needed given the recipe) and made an attempt at rendering it into duck grease. From two (fairly small) ducks, I came away with nearly 4 cups of fat. Four CUPS.

So, last night I cooked the ducks, chopped all of the veggies for the stir fry and the Vegetable stew, sliced the meat for the stir fry and prepped a marinade in which I'll put the meat tomorrow morning. I also cooked some artichokes and spaghetti squash just to have on hand if I need/want them.

The menu for the past two weeks was perfectly fine if not exciting. Touchstone's white-bean hummus was awesome and will go onto the LARP food list as a decided win. Persian rice was so-so. I modified the recipe -- skipped the chicken, added mushrooms and black beans. Next time, skip or greatly reduce the mushrooms, keep the black beans, add onions and bell pepper, up the spice level just a bit. Everything else was pretty well standard and serviceable.

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Now I'm hungry for duck...

What is the white bean hummus? I'm trying to find new and better bean recipies.

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I didn't really write down a recipe, unfortunately :) I started with one online and then mucked about with it. It was white navy beans, olive oil, a little sesame oil (would have used tahini but we didn't have any), salt, lime juice and chopped garlic to start, tossed in a food processor until it...well, looks like hummus.

Seemed too mild, so added some garlic powder (could have done more chopped, but I was lazy, and I figured the powder would mix in better anyway), some paprika, a some pepper and a pinch of cayenne. It DOES get a bit stronger after sitting in the fridge overnight, so keep that in mind while doing the season-to-taste bit.

Did lime juice and white beans because I'm allergic to chick peas and Amy's allergic to lemons.


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