The upcoming weekends are both pretty full. As such, it's time to pull out Stuff From Freezer as dinner options.

Fortnight Menu Plan
Saturday: Leftovers
Sunday: Something I don't cook.
Monday: Pork w/ raisins, spinach, butternut squash
Tuesday: Pasta, fruit salad
Wednesday: Something from the freezer, cabbage&apples
Thursday: Lamb, corn (if available), broccoli, artichokes
Friday: C. Vegetable Stew (Freezer), Salad, rice optional
Saturday: White bean hummus, pita, cheese, apples
Sunday: scrounge/order/cookout
Monday: Chili from Freezer, asparagus
Tuesday: shrimp fajitas
Wednesday: Persian rice w/ portabella mushrooms, broccoli, collards
Thursday: At Casa Diaz
Friday: Catfish, spaghetti squash, lima beans
Saturday: Chinese!

* * * * * *
Comments From Prior Plan
Great Hump Backed Roast, despite having a silly name and using coffee as one of the main ingredients, turned out great. Worked well in the crock-pot, stayed juicy, was very very tender.

Wednesday night's cooking bore, in practice, little to no resemblance to the actual recipe. Still, it was tasty. Next time, don't use peppercorns; just heavily pepper the yogurt marinade.

Salmon fillets are Not Worth The Trouble. I'd rather have trout which is cheaper and less fiddly. The salsa was quite tasty, and would go well on a host of things -- fish, pork, possibly chicken. Asian shrimp wraps got a thumb up from everyone, as did the stir-fried veggies. The corned beef turned out really well -- we really should do it more than once a year.

Cannellini with veggies was perfectly acceptable although nothing to serve to company unlike the Rabbit Delight. Although I wound up making it with turkey thighs instead of rabbit (pork would have worked as well), the Turkey Delight lived up to its name. It's earned the "can be served to company" seal of approval. Also, it took less than 30 minutes to fix, start to finish, so it's doubly awesome.

BBQ chicken pitas did well. The Bit enjoyed helping to make them, and they were tasty and easy. Greek Pitas were also pretty good, although they needed ... something. I'm not sure what yet, but it's worth fiddling with the recipe and retrying. The cauliflower soup needed more pepper (and probably some spicy pepper) and more salt, but was still perfectly okay.

On the whole, success!
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