Monday: BBQ Chicken, lima beans, artichokes

Tuesday: Kale and Canneloni over pasta

Wednesday: Artichoke Fish, asparagus, linguine

Thursday: Soy chicken, rice, salad, broccoli

Friday: Meatloaf, collards, acorn squash

Saturday & Sunday: Leftovers/Order In

Monday: Carribean Vegtable stew, fruit

Tuesday: Black Bean Soup, salad

Wednesday: Pork w/soy sauce marinade, rice, spinach

Thursday: @Casa Diaz

Friday: Shrimp Stir Fry

From: [identity profile]


So did you prep all of this stuff on Sunday? Or are you expecting more prep this coming weekend?

From: [identity profile]

There will be more prep this coming weekend, although I did some of the prep on Sunday night. Specifically, I trimmed and cut the pork and peeled the shrimp before I froze them.

Stew will be prepped (all veggies chopped) on Sunday Night; the black bean soup will be cooked on Sunday night, and I will make up the marinade for the pork.

Yesterday was a work-from-home day. I cooked the soy-chicken (which had been cut up and readied on Sunday) and the meatloaf (which had been made but not cooked) and cut up the veggies for tonight.

What this got me in actual benefits was dinner completely ready and waiting for 2 nights of the week, 1 night of just cooking pasta and heating up the kale, 1 night of actual cooking, and tonight which will consist of cooking some cauliflower. I could have done the cauliflower yesterday if I'd wanted, but knew I'd have time for it tonight. Also, I have leftovers for lunch, and I can feed us through the weekend.


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