Sunday is Dinner Prep Day. Normally I let it pass without comment (because who really cares about my weekly dinner menu?) but tonight's effort was particularly valorous. Tonight, the Shakespearean Rat and I engaged the kitchen in a battle to the death and emerged victorious.

Our fallen foes:
  • Pork cutlets - trimmed fat, sliced into serving-sized portions, froze;
  • Whole chickens - skinned, trimmed fat, cut into pieces, frozen for Thursday;
  • Chicken Thighs - skinned, covered in BBQ sauce, baked for Wednesday;
  • Shrimp - peeled and deveined; frozen for next week
  • Prepped meatloaf - diced a ton of veggies, mixed up sausage, veggies, ground beef, frozen to be cooked on Friday;
  • Kale and Canneloni over Spaghetti Squash/Spaghetti - for Tuesday;
  • Cooked artichokes for some day this week;
  • Artichoke and Red Bell Pepper Tilapi - for Tomorrow;
  • Roasted Turnips for Tomorrow;
  • Sweetwater Blue - opened for tonight.

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Personally, I'd love to see this weekly if you're up for sharing. It's precisely the type of thing that I think I should be doing, but haven't had the where-with-all to map it out in such a wonderful way. This gives me ideas!

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I was far less victorious Sunday night than usual for a DFM weekend--I boiled some eggs and the chicken and Jorge prepped the cantaloupe and pineapple. But go you! :)

Tonight I'll prep the ground beef/hamburger and the pork, in addition to what we're actually having for dinner. Which reminds me--time to throw the steaks in the marinade!
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Very impressive!
I have tried to do things like this, but I always run out of time (aka Monday arrives) before I get it all done. The best I can consistently manage is to make extras, like a double or triple batch of something I'm making anyway.

Planning, shopping, cleaning the kitchen, cooking it all, then cleaning again while also getting the weekend house/yard chores done and managing kids activities is more than I can imagine doing unless I had a staff of servants to help. :) How do you squeeze it all in?

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Hmm, let's see if I can offer a more realistic schedule.

Menu planning takes me about 30 minutes to an hour at this point, maybe 45 minutes. I have a spreadsheet that is my menu plan and then an associated grocery list. If I were really good, I'd put it all in a database that would generate shopping lists based on the menu plan, but that's more effort than it's really worth. I usually do planning on Friday night or Saturday morning while D is at her TKD class.

Grocery shopping is a 3 hour activity. We often go late on Saturday evening or early on Sunday morning.

Sean is in charge of keeping the kitchen clean, so that part isn't my problem. The prep work generally takes, hmm... I'll time it next go around. I believe it usually takes about two full, dedicated hours of work for the Big Prep Days and then some lesser work scattered about, but I honestly don't know.

I usually do the Big Prep in the late afternoon to late evening hours.

This past Sunday, Sean did Black Bean Soup (three+ hours of cooking, about 15-30 minutes of chopping) while I did Caribbean Vegetable Stew, cabbage, and prepped marinade for tomorrow night's pork. (Roughly 30 minutes of chopping + 30 minutes of actual minimally supervised cooking time.) Clean-up for the Big Prep Day usually takes about 25 minutes; for this past Sunday, it took around 15 or so.

Things that make this easy on me: I don't have picky eaters in my household. Sean acts as a sous-chef on Big Prep Days. We have a predictable schedule that I know 2 weeks out. Weekends are "Leftovers" time, and I keep at least one thing frozen in the freezer always so that we can randomly host extra people during the week and still have food on the weekends.



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