I know it can't last, but for the past 10 minutes, my house has been quiet. Everyone is sleeping, and all is well. Four days of being house-bound because of snow makes for a somewhat twitchy me, and the opportunity to sit and read for 10 minutes without anyone else saying anything is a marvel.

We survived the storm with barely a hitch -- the power flickered out twice, but was back on within minutes. There was sledding and snow-candy and bowling the Bit. (Take one very slick patch of icy snow. Add one small child who really really wants to go sliding. Bowl small child down the patch of snow. Wait for giggles.) And (thankfully) this weekend there should be enough rain and sun and warm weather to make all of this stuff go away. Silly snow.

Alas, time's up for me. Must go start the day. More updates later, I hope.
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